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The Molar Express

A Public Health Dental Program Overview

North Country Health Consortium

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of The Molar Express

Continuing Efforts
Molar Express Core Structure:
Robust Hygiene program in over 23 schools
Dentist services, 1 day per week
Oral Health Education
Nursing home relationships
Collaboration with community organizations and individuals
Nurturing relationships with local practitioners, school nurses, and dentists
The Molar Express
Public Health Dental Days: Collaboration with partners to provide access to dental care for uninsured adults.
Partnering with Federally Qualified Health Center's Dental and Oral Health Center to share staff, coordinate services and reach vulnerable populations
iPad mini: vehicle to capture evaluation data, offline
"Homework for parents" postcard evaluations
Sealant initiative: identifying sealant needs and tracking the "aging" of the sealant
Using our electronic medical records to track ongoing restorative needs and following up on referrals
Creative methods of transporting our clinic: such as this Stanley Toolbox, a tough, safe, and sanitary way to transport dental supplies and equipment!
Oral Health Education through:
One on one consultation
Wellness/Health fairs and event
Class presentation
Dental Simulator/Health Careers (such as STEM-Health Summer Camp)
Caries Management through Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)
Using our current education model to identify risk levels and adapt treatment plans integrated into an evidence-based framework
Continue exploring funding strategies to sustain The Molar Express's efforts to provide dental services to underserved residents of Northern New Hampshire
Based on the "mobile" dental clinic model,
equipment with wheels and the full
dental operatories were transported via
box truck with a lift gate. Equipment was
unloaded and set up at each location.
The Molar Express begins its journey in 2005/2006...to address the needs of our Northern NH communities
*Grant Funding...for example:
Rural Health Outreach Grant (HRSA, Office of Rural Health Policy)
HNH Foundation
*Medicaid and insurance reimbursement
*Partnerships with Nursing Homes, Federally Qualified Health Centers and Critical Access Hospitals
Funding enables
the transition
A more economical Minivan
Portable Equipment:"Suitcase Size"
Our recent press release acknowledges years of innovation and hard work...
From September 2013-August 2014:
537 Hygiene visits on children
245 Hygiene visits on adults (ages 13-100)
542 Dental Exams
730 Teeth sealed on children under the age of 15
622 Applications of fluoride varnish
In addition to restorative treatment, basic extractions, digital x-rays and oral health education
Thank you for watching!

Want to learn more about The Molar Express?

Have a way to support the
efforts of the Molar Express?

Contact us at:
www.nchcnh.org and click on the "truck" logo
(603) 259-3700
A public health dental program in Northern NH
Dental Clinic Set-up
The North Country Health Consortium (NCHC) is a rural health network, created in 1997, as a vehicle for addressing common issues through collaboration among health and human service providers serving Northern New Hampshire. NCHC is engaged in activities for:
History and Purpose: A non-profit, public health organization

Solving common problems and facilitating regional solutions
Creating and facilitating services and programs to improve population health status
Health professional training, continuing education and to encourage sustainability of the health care environment
Increasing capacity for local public health essential services
Increasing access to health care for under-served and uninsured residents of Northern NH
The North Country Health Consortium leads innovative collaboration to improve the health status of the region.
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