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ABC weather book

Weather ABC book

Griffin Gillespie

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of ABC weather book

A Advisory A forecast that is a warning about weather conditions. B Barometer A tool used to measure
air pressure. C Condensation Water vapor changing
into liquid water. D Drizzle A light rain with tiny
rain droplets. E Earth Third planet from the sun. F Freeze A change that happens
when the temperture
is below 32 degrees
fahrenheit. G Glacier A large piece of ice
that carves the earth
and lasts a long time. H Humidity The amount of water
vapor that is in the air. I Ice A substance that was
once a liquid and is now
a solid. J A strong wind found
in the atmosphere. Jet Stream L The earth divided into
North and South. Latitude M Mist Small water droplets
floating in the air. N Nimbus A rain cloud. O Overcast A group of wide
clouds in the sky. P Precipitation The name for any
water falling from
the clouds. Q Quantitave precipatation
forecast A forecast for precipatation. R Ridge An area with high pressure. S Sleet Snow or ice with
a mixture of water. T U V W X Y Z Thermometer A tool used to measure
temperture. Visibility The farthest distance a
person can see. Waterspout A tornado ocurring
over water. X ray A ray of light that can
penetrate most solids.It also
has a very short wave length.It
is a type of energy in the electromagnet
spectrum. Yellow
Snow Snow given a yellow
color from pine or
cypress pollen Zulu time A twenty-four hour time
usually used in scientific
and military communities. K knot A unit of
measuring speed 00-24 Upwind The direction
the wind is blowing. By Griffin Gillespie
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