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Accenture Way- BPO

No description

Serena Santoro

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Accenture Way- BPO

Ambition 2020
Accenture Way is a building block in our vision for market leadership
Accenture has grown and been very successful in our first 10 years…

Accenture Way...why now?

Communicate our unique style and culture to 250,000+ employees?

Help the hundreds of thousands of new employees we will recruit over the next three years understand the collaborative ways in which we work with each other, our clients and our alliance partners?

Make sure we keep focused on improving our delivery of high performance in line with our brand promise?

Accenture Way...how we do things?
The Accenture Way is...
How we do things
Our visual representation uses the metaphor of a mosaic of tiles coming together and bonded by the Accenture Way themes
Each tile communicates
Where our aspirations exceed our current capability… the tile will describe our near-term intent and the change initiatives we are putting in place (e.g. leadership construct, innovation etc.)

Where our thinking is developed… the tile simply codifies and communicates the Accenture Way of doing things—sharing our unique and distinctive style, culture and approach

At Accenture, we put client value creation at the heart of everything we do
We target and deliver Value for our clients on three levels
Our Value orientation is embedded in everything we do
Defining Value
What represents value is different in every industry.

But regardless of where they operate, clients are interested in three dimensions of value:

We target and deliver value for our clients at Accenture on three levels. It begins with our deep understanding of the market opportunities to identify value for specific clients and engagements.

Client Value Creation is one of our core values, and as such, represents the platform on which the Accenture Way is built.

How we ensure client value creation is at the heart of everything we do is by embedding it in our processes, roles, and metrics; in our account planning and in our pricing and deal constructs.

Value Creation is further rooted into our training, rewards and recognition.

Once the top value creation opportunities for the client are identified, we can develop a structured Innovation Agenda
Linking value and innovation helps us not only deliver greater value and innovation to our clients, but can raise the overall “Innovation Quotient” of Accenture.

There are 2 entry points to the “virtuous” value / innovation circle:

We can identify the top value creation opportunities at a client and then seek innovative solutions to realize the value; or

We can scan and source innovative ideas and identify how they can be leveraged in a client context to create value

Both are legitimate approaches and can be done in parallel at a client
How we define Innovation
Accenture’s definition focuses on novelty, implementation and success.

– “ A New Way” This can be, but doesn’t have to be something radical. It may simply involve applying an idea which has been tried in one area to another, or to a client for whom the concept is new: innovation is relative.


– “Doing Things” The idea must be put into action. Innovation is more than just a good idea; it is a good idea that is brought to fruition - which is often the most difficult challenge.

– “Adds Value” If a new idea doesn’t generate a successful outcome, then it doesn’t qualify as innovation. But the path to innovation success will almost always be lined with failures – these are learning opportunities and will likely contribute valuable intellectual property (IP) as well.

4 key themes - the glue of the mosaic - are at the heart of Accenture Way
We are passionate about our clients and focused on delivery of outcomes
We have the best people and are team players
We are flexible and drive for performance.
We care about our communities and build for a better future
we innovate, collaborate,
it is the way
operate and deliver value
for our clients
and our shareholders
it is grounded in
our core values, shared business ethics,
and uncompromising standards
for high performance
It differentiates Accenture in the marketplace
and is brought to life every day, in everything
we do, through our unique passion, energy and style
In essence, it's what makes us
"greater than"
in everything we do
For Accenture, it’s all about creating value
value that matters to clients: economic,
We do this
We know that creating value for our clients is
stakeholder and environmental
The kind of
in every step
of our work, from
identification to delivery.
We spot opportunities
to create value, we
it and we’re willing to
tie our fees to it
how we will create long-term value for Accenture..
Economic, Stakeholder and Environmental
Innovation is an Accenture strategic priority
We are focusing on bringing more Innovation to our clients in the Accenture Way.

Collaboration is a key priority of the Accenture Way
Collaboration is what helps us bring the best of Accenture on any given day..

We inspire and lead our people to work in an
Collaboration is core to our individual, collective and ultimately success,
We collaborate embracing diversity and cultures.
It is an essential part of
Clients tell us that one thing that really
helping each other
bring the best
of Accenture to clients.
how we
what we do
do things
sets Accenture
is the way we collaborate.
and interactive way
internally and externally.
Collaboration is We>Me
Get started today– there is something you can do to demonstrate that We>Me
Deliver high performance is how we differentiate
Delivery is based on
As part of the Accenture Way our
Our clients look to us to match our
delivery capabilities
help us to elevate
value and innovation creation
and to stimulate the collaboration mindset.
unique delivery skills
realize tangible value
with the ability to help them
and lasting change
motivated people
creating solutions with
collaborating as
teams on a global basis,
and for our clients
At Accenture, delivery excellence is about making sure we achieve our high performance promise for our clients, Accenture and our People.

Delivering our Promises to…

The Accenture Way
IGEM Organizational Chart
The Accenture Way IGEM Organizational Chart
The Accenture Way
The Accenture Way
IGEM Organizational Chart
The Accenture Way Focal Points
The Accenture Way

IGEM Accenture Way Focal Points

A quick recap
Accenture Way Clients

Themes at the heart
(Clients, People, Performance, Future)

Tiles in FY14
(Value, Innovation, Collaboration, Delivery)

IGEM Organizational Chart
IGEM Accenture Way Team
…but our size and evolving business model present a variety of challenges around how we:
We are focusing on 4 Tiles
The Accenture Way
Accenture Way Clients
Themes at the heart
(Clients, People, Performance, Future)

Tiles in FY14
(Value, Innovation, Collaboration, Delivery)
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