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Jerome - Fah-ree-dom


Jerome Murray

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Jerome - Fah-ree-dom

Freedom What is Freedom? Noun
The power or right to act, speak, or think as
one wants without hindrance or restraint An example is Nelson Mandela Without Nelson Mandela fighting for
freedom towards the African-American's... African Americans would not
have the rights they have today We are lucky we live in
country called Australia. Why? Because in this country,
We have the right to speak. The right to have freedom. Why not take advantage of freedom? We all have a choice. A choice to do right and wrong. Free to make a choice. A choice that impacts our freedom or is Freedom earnt? Is Freedom given?
To me, I need to earn Freedom. Lucky people get given
Freedom. The Unlucky people don't get given Freedom.
They can't even earn it. Back in the days, the people that seem
different were treated with disrespect
and gained no freedom. An example would be Adolf Hitler The man who started World War 2 Hitler stated that Jews were
enemies and that he didn't
like people with blonde
hair and blue eyes. And so they were not given any freedom
because of their race. Instead they were held
in concentration camps and murdered if they
didn't do what they were asked to. World War 2 Victims. Freedom to me,
Is being able to be who you
really are. Freedom for birds that are capable
of flying without getting shot at. Freedom making your own choices. Freedom for being free... Made by Jerome M. 9SJ Made by Jerome M 9SJ “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” Freedom can mean anything.
It just all depends on how you view it Reference from www.dictionary.com How is he an example? Sometimes not having freedom is a good thing. How? By having tons of freedom you can do whatever you want. Skip school, go parties... But what happens then? ...
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