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Sir Henry Parkes

All about Henry Parkes the father of feederations

Rohan Mathew

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Sir Henry Parkes

Timeline 1896 1815 1836 Contributions 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Biography Sir Henry Parkes fought for the creation of Federation.

His first major contribution was to stop the transportation of convicts from Britain.

He also started a newspaper that supported a stronger role for Australians in governing their colonies.

In 1858, Parkes became a member of the New South Wales parliament.

His career as a politician spanned about 40 years and he was elected premier of the colony five times.' Pictures On 24 October 1889 at a reception in his honour, at the Tenterfield School of Arts, Parkes delivered an address to his former constituents the need to form a federation. In this landmark speech, which is popularly known as the Tenterfield Oration, he declared that it is high time to call a convention of representatives from all the colonies to devise a constitution which would be necessary for bringing into existence a federal government with a federal parliament for the conduct of national undertaking.
In this speech, he reminded his audience that the American colonies had joined as a federation after an armed revolution in the previous century. He proclaimed that 'surely what the Americans have done by war,' we 'the Australians could bring about in peace. Tenterfeild Speech Summary of Sir Henry Parkes Henry Parkes was a significant contributor to federation of Australia. He was elected first to the New South Wales Parliament in 1854, and was Chief minitser of New South Wales several times between 1872 and 1891. Parkes is sometimes referred to as the Father of Federation. AAAAA Henry Parkes was born on 27th May 1815 to a family of yeoman in Warwickshire, England. Unfortunately, falling wheat prices and spiralling debt forced the family to leave the land and decided to settle in Birmingham. Parkes never had any opportunity to have formal education though he briefly attended Stoneleigh parish school. In 1836 Parkes married Clarinda Varney. The untimely death of two of their infant children and the failed business venture, forced the Henry family to apply for assisted passage to Australia.

In Australia, Parkes started his career as a farm worker, but with the very low wages he had to struggle to maintain himself and his family. He moved jobs in search of a most desired one and also went to work for the Customs Department in Sydney. Over the next few years he went into business for himself. Even though he lacked formal education he had shown extraordinary talent in writing and for a short period he was the Sydney correspondent for the Launceston Examiner and even contributed poems and articles of political and literary field and at one stage he owned the Empire newspaper. Through this period he became very influential in the community. He also played a major role in the discontinuation of transportation of convicts to Australia. Biography Continued Parkes introduced the Public Schools Act in 1866 with major changes like giving power to appoint and dismiss teachers so on. Another reform was the Hospital Act whereby it provides wide power to Government for inspection, supervision and appointment of trained nurses to Hospitals. Due to his insolvency he was forced to resign from his political life, but in 1871 Parkes began the golden age of his political career when he returned as the Member for Mudgee. He was an able speaker and orator and his long white hair and graceful beard gave him an apostolic look. During this tenure he also introduced another important legislation, Public Instructions Act, which abolished state aid for denominational schools. Parkes’ Ministry had always stand for the Federation of Australian Colonies and best remembered for his famous speech at the School of Arts at Tenterfield on 24th October 1889. Henry Parkes vision and action for the strong and united Australia made him known as ‘the Man of the Hour’ and he stands for this till the time of his last breath. He passed away at the age of 80 years on 27th April 1896. What did Henry Parkes contribute? 1823 Henry Parkes was Born in 1815 Henry Parkes got married in 1836 Parkes died in 1896 By Rohan Mathew Did you know? Henry Parkes was born with seven other brothers and sisters! W W I am for the free trade between States Thank You For Wathcing

Thats All folks Hey Thats my line Bibliograpy adb.anu.edu.au/biography/parkes-sir-henry-4366 www.nnsw.com.au/tenterfield/hparkes.html www.dictionaryofsydney.org/entry/parkes_henry
Mom and Dad
Grandpa I am campaigning for the Federation of the six Australian colonies. Question 2 Question 3 QUIZZES Quiz!!!!!! Question 1 Were you listening?
Lets find out!
Here are sets of Question
Lets see how much you listened
But i will give you only 30 seconds. Put your hand up to answer a question and please don't call out. Get as much right as you can ok GO!! a. 1852 b.1866 c. 1872 When was Henry Parkes elected to
the NSW parliament? a.1859 b.1852 c.1858 What was the year when Parkes performed his tenterfield speech? a.1870 b.1889 c.1896 When did Henry Parkes introduce Public Schools Act?
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