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Multimedia Proposal


izzat salahuddin

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Multimedia Proposal

Thank You
Project Description
Multimedia Proposal
-E-commerce website
-Graphics for web
-Business Card
-Padono Malaysia- Fahion company for women
Strategic Planning
Goal for Client:
1. To increase hits of the website
2. To increase the number of customer purchase through the website
3. To improve Padono's ground as an online fashion store
4. To create a better awareness for Padono brand
Time Frame
Criteria for website:
1. Cross- browser and platform capabilities.
2.Create a company logo for Padono Malaysia.
3. Use icon as button
4. Text based navigation such hotspots are use to link pages to pages.
5. Appropriate colour and contrast for background and text
6. Font size, bold, underline and italic need to be utilised.
7. Print-friendly version
8. Fast loading, light pages.
9. Integrate with online banking website (CimbClicks, Maybank2U,etc)
10. Use flash program to make the website more lively.
11. Comfortable and suitable graphics for user.
Website Design and Content
Problem Statement
-Efficient online fashion store
-To create an interactive and user friendly website, business card and graphics
-To boost the website’s image (less clutter and more organized)
Goal for end user
1. To provide an user- friendly websites to the customer
2. To provide easy access to the content of the website
3. Online capabilities (Online payment, customer service
Criteria for business card:
1. Company logo.
2. Contact detail
3. Product and service that being provided
4. Appropriate colour and contrast for text and background
Criteria for graphic design (Brochure):
1. Theme of the graphic
2.Appropriate colour and contrast for background and text
3. Position ,size and number of graphic per page
4.Adequate amount of picture
Hosting and Domain Registration
Brochure( Graphics) and Business Card
Website Maintenance
Overall Cost
Izzat Azrain Bin Mohamad Salahuddin
Harith Hanafi Bin Che Hasni
Amir Hisyam Bin Ahmad Fadzlan
Front End Developement
HTML and CSS would be the tools of for our website development.
Javascript would render animations and visual effects for the website eye candy bits.
Printer friendly website where end users can print their orders/pictures.
Zoom and 360 degree view capabilities are to ensure
SEO optimization will be included to get better hits and results
Community Forums for feedbacks, comments and troubleshooting
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