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Leica Alejandria

on 27 February 2013

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TOP 10 TOURIST DESTINATIONS CARAGA REGION BALANGAY SHRINE MUSEUM AGUSAN RIVER BINABA FALLS Just 1.5 Kms. from the highway of Libertad is the graveyard of the Balangays known as Butuan boats which are currently housed in the museum. Ambangan, Libertad Butuan City Large areas of Agusan del Norte This is the longest navigable river in Mindanao. Prosperidad The cool, crystal-clear waters of this falls are believed to originate from an underground stream. San Francisco MT. MAGDIWATA This mystical mountain reaches a height of 633 meters, which makes it ideal for climbing. It provides San Francisco's sole source of potable water and is a recipient of the DENR's reforestation program. GENERAL LUNA BEACH General Luna It is becoming internationally known as one of the surfing sites in the Pacific. In fact, a number of national and international surfing competitions have been held here. SOHOTON CAVE Bucas Grande Island This cave which is full of unique rock formations and low-hanging stalactites, has an underground lagoon with green waters that serves as a spawning ground for yellow fish marines. IRON MOUNTAIN Punta Tugas, Carrascal Surigao City This mountain holds the biggest iron reserve in the hemisphere. From it's slopes one can get a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. DAY-ASAN FLOATING VILLAGE The houses of this village stand over shallow water. Small boats pass underneath the elevated floors. TURTLE ISLAND Barobo Surrounding this eight-hectare, turtle shaped island are multicolored coral reefs. MALETANGTANG CAVE Cantilan This boat-shaped cavern has a cool spring and is filled with guano.
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