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Research Skills for IT Professionals

Library workshop for COMP7950 IT Project Skills

Jennifer Gu

on 4 February 2017

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Transcript of Research Skills for IT Professionals

Research Skills for IT Professionals

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session, you will be able to:
Live Polling!
Access to
Subject Specific Databases
Using OneSearch on a Mobile
Poll #3
How to do database searches effectively?
Poll #1
What are the benefits of using OneSearch/Databases instead of Google?
Submit your answer via

Poll #4 & Break
What is the most important thing you have learned so far today?
ACM & ACM Digital Library
ACM Digital Library (Association for Computing Machinery)
The major source of scholarly

computing science
literature – including journals, transactions, and conference proceedings

full text of all ACM publications
“The ACM Guide to computing literature”
– a comprehensive database of citations focused exclusively on the field of computing
Live Demo
Database Search Help Guide
What works in Library Databases?
Choose the most appropriate tool and apply basic search strategy
in order to access information to meet your research needs
We will use Live Polling for today’s activities. Use your smartphones to go to this URL and get set up:
Try to find information on
cloud computing
with Google. Look at the first page of results

What types of information did you find on Google?

Submit your answer via

Poll #2
Try to find information on
cloud computing
with OneSearch. Look at the first page of results

What types of information did you find in OneSearch?

Submit your answer via
Websites (organizations, companies...)
Government documents
Public opinion
Journal articles via Google Scholar
Journal articles
Trade publications
Conference Proceedings
= scholarly materials for research
We need a hybrid approach!
The Deep Web: Going below the surface…
Library Search Tools
1. OneSearch
Course Reserves
Course Reserves are materials your professor has placed in the Library for the WHOLE class to read
Subject Specific Databases
A collection of articles from many different publications over many years
Submit your answer via
Find Databases
Jennifer Gu & Chris Chan
Information Services Librarians
September 2016

Library Website

How to Use
OneSearch Effectively?
Let’s watch a short video about the features of OneSearch:
when you need to find journal articles/conference proceedings/

Poll #5
How are wireless sensor networks related to the development of the Internet of Things?

Submit your answer via

How can big data analytics improve network security?

Poll #6
Submit your answer via

How to construct effective search statements?
Try similar words/synonyms
Apply "phrase searching"
Use AND to connect keywords
My Library Account
Off-campus access to Library e-resources
View circulation record
Renew books
Request (hold) books
Room Bookings
ACM Digital Library
IEEE Explore
Which is the best search statement for the above topic?
1. wireless sensor networks development "Internet of Things"
2. wireless sensor networks AND "Internet of Things"
3. wireless sensor networks AND development
4. development AND Internet of Things

Which is the best search statement for the above topic?

1. big data AND network
2. big data AND network security AND improve
3. big data analytics AND network
4. big data analytics AND network security

More about search strategy..
1. Define your search topic. State your topic as a Question.
What are the best and latest security measures used for cloud computing?
2. Identify keywords. Eliminate NOISE words
security, cloud computing
3. Try similar terms and synonyms
data protection
cloud computing
grid computing
distributed computing
on-demand computing
4. Use "Phrase Searching"
5. Use AND to connect KEY terms to focus
data protection
security AND "cloud computing"
security AND "grid computing"
data protection AND "cloud computing"
Construct effective search statements
in order to find relevant results in subject specific databases
Make use of a reference management tool
so that you can more efficiently organize the results of your searches
2. Databases
3. Course Reserves
Use databases for searching when you need to find in-depth information on a particular TOPIC
Often the full-text is available for online viewing, printing, or downloading
Loan period is VERY short (e.g. 2 hours to 48 hours)
Kept behind the Circulation Counter on Level 3

Library workshop for
COMP 7950
IT Project Skills


As A Reference Manager
References and Citations
How do you insert citations and reference list in your assignments or term papers?
Read and Annotate
Capture your thoughts through sticky notes and highlights
Add and Organize
Import and organize PDFs from your computer, or other reference tools
Reference Manager
Generate citations and bibliographies
Connect with colleagues and securely share your papers, notes and annotations
Generate Citations
Quick and simple installation
Citation styles for thousands of journals (including ACM transactions, IEEE proceedings, etc.)
Create bibliographies instantly
Flexible formatting
If you think Mendeley is the right tool for you,
please sign up for your account!
Library Mendeley Subject Guide
This library guide also contains lots of other useful information. (Live Demo)
How do you keep your reading list organized?
With MS Word Plugin
Poll #7:
Image available via a CC BY 2.0 license at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mendeley/7923439940/in/album-72157630652171616/
Open a browser and type in:
Database Search Help
Photo credit: Image available via a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license at
Search Statement
Use "AND"
to connect
"cloud computing"
"grid computing"
distributed computing
on-demand computing

We need your feedback!
Major Computer Science Databases
Searching "image denoising algorithm" as well
Searching for "image denoising algorithm"
~Mark your calendar~
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 14th October (Fri)
@ the Library
IEEE Workshop: Effective searching and quality publishing
IEEE & IEEE Explore
What is IEEE?
Founded in 1965, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the world's largest technical membership association with over 430,000 members in more than 160 countries.
IEEE's four core areas of activity
Membership organization
Conference organization
Standards developer
IEEE Xplore Comprises:
170+ journals
1,400+ conference proceedings
5,100+ technical standards
and more!
IEEE Xplore Digital Library
A powerful resource for discovery of and access to publications by the IEEE and its publishing partners.
Has more than 4 million full-text documents
electrical engineering, computer science and electronics
, and more
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Founded in 1947 and is the world's largest scientific and educational
computing society
Has over 100,000 members all over the world
Part I: Searching IEEE Xplore effectively
Part II: Publishing with IEEE
Full transcript