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Status, Problems and Prospects of Animal Industry in the Philippines

Laboratory Activity in Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Production, Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources, Cavite State University, Indang, Cavite

Karl Louisse Obispo

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of Status, Problems and Prospects of Animal Industry in the Philippines

Status, Problems & Prospects of Animal Industry in the Philippines
We need animals, not only for food but for many things like employment, work, clothing and many more. We cannot live without animals, thus, they will always be part of our everday living.
As students of animal science, one ought to know the status of animal industry in the country. One has to be acquainted with its status, problem and prospects. One has to know its present situation in terms of production, domestic consumption and even its export and imports. Knowing these things may not give one a complete knowledge of what the industry is all about, however, will provide a background, a start for a student of animal science to learn more about the industry.
Generally, upon the completion of the exercise, the students are expected to abreast with the present situation of the animal industry. Specifically, they are expected:
Materials & Procedures
Collected data from Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Department of Trade and Industry, Bureau of Animal Industry, local journals and newspapers.
Meat, Milk and Egg Production
Animal Population
Animal Imports
Animal Exports
By: Karl Louisse DC. Obispo
1. quantify the poultry and livestock industries terms of population and value;
2. compare the present from the past industry; and
3. determine what the future lies ahead of the industry.
1. Obtain necessary data or information, e.g. animal population; importation and exportation of stock, meat, milk and eggs; supply and demand of meat milk and eggs; and even problems of the industry from sources like Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Animal Industry and from local journals, newspapers and ohter pertinent media. Use the countrystat website like countrystat.bas.gov.ph
2. Gather the above stated infromation/data for the last five years

Problems of Animal Industry
Insufficient/unstable supply of feeds
Presence of many diseases
Frequent climatic disturbances
Lack of finances
Slow transfer of technology
Prevalent poor management practices
Adaptability problems of animals (dairy)
Long lead-in period and high investment (Large animals)
Lack of technical knowledge
1. Do we really need to import meat, milk and eggs? Why?

2. How poultry and livestock exports compare with the imports within the last five years? Explain you findings.
3. Name the different problems besetting the animal industry.

4. What do you think lies ahead for the animal industry?
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