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How to use a Video Camera

No description

Anissa Martinez

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of How to use a Video Camera

Anissa Martinez
Nick Follrath
Justin Bozzelli
Ahmad Alghafli
Garrett Malcott
Rob Proctor How to Use a Video Camera Handycam SX45 First- Read the Manuel, it may
be boring, but pictures are very helpful
when stuck in a rut
URL: www.abt.com/documents/37594/DCRSX45S_handbook.pdf The Basics Charge the battery by
plugging it into the wall charger
provided and wait for around an
hour until the charger light turns
from red to green. Setting up your camcorder open the bottom compartment of the
camcorder and replace the battery also
inserting a memory card into the slot.
Make sure they are in correctly, close the compartment. Setting up your camcorder When setting the time and date, you must select the geographical area with the up or down button on the screen, then pressing next. Setting up your camcorder Setting up your camcorder Open the LCD screen, take off the lens cover, and press the power on button. Language setting:
from the menu, go to clock/lang under general settings, select language set and chose your desired language. Press OK and return. Beginning to Record Make sure your camera's LCD screen is open, the lens cover is opened and the power is on.

Put your hand through the grip belt and firmly grip your camera. Beginning to Record To begin recording, touch the button by your right thumb near the camcorder grip. You can also start recording by touching the small circle on the bottom left of the LCD screen.
To end recording you press either button again. Moving the LCD screen If you wish to shoot a video
from a low or high angle,
Turn the LCD screen 90 degrees
If you are shooting a video of
yourself, you can turn the LCD
screen 180 degrees Zoom Zoom is a useful feature when trying to get a closer view of the object you are recording or to view a wider area. The zoom button is on the top of the camcorder with a choice to go to "W" or "T" to widen the area, slide the button to the left, to zoom in closer, slide the button to the right Auto To have the camera detect faces and adjust focus, select the appropriate setting for the scene and help prevent video shaking, press the iauto button.
to cancel the auto, just press the iauto button again. Lighting When the darkness sets in a feature of this camera is the light button located on the inside of the LCD screen. Playback What you need to do:

Press the playback button which is located on the opposite side of the LCD screen Viewing the previous video Protecting Videos to stop/ play/ fast-forward/ pause / reverse Pan Technique Make sure you have the camera stabilized

When you are using the panning technique make sure you have enough space and stay still at the end of the scene. To protect your movie from accidentally
being deleted, press the protect button located
on top of the screen until a key appears
on the top of the video. To unlock your movie,
click the protect button once again until the key
disappears . References http://aux.iconpedia.net/uploads/16212790171111507445.png
http://www.techpin.com/wp-content/handycam-hdr-cx11e.jpg Questions?
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