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Disneyland Paris - Strategy Project IMBA 2014

No description

David Anagnostaras

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Disneyland Paris - Strategy Project IMBA 2014

Trend Disneyland Paris' visitors
Revenue per visitor & Ticket Price (€)
Disneyland Paris Profits (Mio €)
Disneyland - 1955
Walt Disney World - 1972
Tokyo Disneyland - 1983
Disneyland Paris - 1992
Disney California Adventure - 2001
Hong Kong Disneyland - 2005
Shanghai Disneyland - 2015
Positioning of themes park in Europe (2013)
Some of the biggest theme parks in Europe
and also....
Lack of investments in new attraction

Last opening Toy Story Play Land

Next opening Ratatouille
What is going on?
Disney Theme Parks

The service with a smile

Employees training the "Disney way"
Recommendations - Improve Quality & Customer Service
Recommendations - Adaptation & Investments
Offer discount packages
Food & Beverages
Recommendations - Price Promotions
Extend shops & restaurants opening hours

Open new attractions

Create synergies with Movies & TV Shows
How are the others parks doing?
Large investments

Regular opening of new rides

Closed during cold months
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