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Espionage during World War I

Mr. Hadley 5*

Hailey Thorne

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Espionage during World War I

Hailey Thorne
Mr. Hadley
5° Espionage During World War I Espionage During WWI Mata Hari Margaretha Geertruida Zelle(1876-1917), known as Mata Hari, was a supposed double-agent.
Edith Cavell(1865-1915) was working behind German lines for Great Brittan.
Sarah Aaronsohn(1890-1917) was a Jewish spy for the British. Vernon Kell (center of front row) with heads of MI5 branches, 1918 Section 5:
Security Service
Vernon Kell(1873-1942)
Section 6:
Secret Intelligence Service
Mansfield Smith- Cumming(1859-1923)
“Every man his own stylo.” These are the original Choctaw code talkers. Choctaw Code Talkers
German intelligence was able to intercept all of America’s radio and phone calls, so they had Native Americans deliver the verbal messages.
Espionage and Sedition acts
Acts against espionage and terrorism
Schenk v. United States (1919) One of the earliest forms of pigeon cameras. Invisible Ink
British used semen as invisible ink.
Shortwave Radio
Burst Transmissions
Number Stations
Advanced code system
Use of homing pigeons
Capt. Duquesne in a German uniform Fritz Joubert Duquesne(1877-1956)
Jules C. Silber(1874-1933)
Mata Hari (1876-1917) This is a map from WWI, of the British troop movements. Every great power in the world started an espionage program during WWI, except the United States.
Germany had extensive spy networks in all of its enemy countries, even ones that weren’t necessarily part of the war.
Spies were mostly looking for intelligence on future troop movements, especially dates and times of planned artillery attacks and trench raids.
Information gained was not always solid fact, because the British were known for leaking false information and double agents were common during WWI. James Bond was based off multiple WWI spies, like Sidney Reilly “The Master Spy.
Advancements in spy technology led to current spy gadgets.
Spy techniques still used today Judd, Alan. The Quest for C: Sir Mansfield Cumming and the Founding of the British Secret Service. London: HarperCollins, 1999. Print.
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