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Erik M.T

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of RP II. by EMT


Dissertation Defense Format
The Problem statement
Purpose of the Study
Theoretical Framework
Research Questions
Research Method
Summary of Findings
Pedagogical Implications

Problem statement
Designing an integrate activity task that involving the ability on efficient writing.

First, Determine individual
factors that effect
the academic
achievement of
each students.

Finally, Evaluate the
applied and how these
process can positively
influencing inside
their academic achievement

students have limited experience in generating ideas or retrieving prior knowledge for writing
They lack strategies in selecting information to write about and find writing a difficult and discouraging experience
Student’s lack of motivation to write with syntax and cohesive devices are affecting the amount of knowledge students could be obtaining.

Research question and
sub question

General and specific

Research design

Instructional design

General objective

To determine how EFL students’ writing improves when instructed them according to explicit instruction provided through to use of writing strategies a long the writing process to  improvement in students’ comparison and contrast paragraph writing.

Specific Objectives

 1. To what extend stages of the writing process through a series of step will help students develop strategies and skills in generating, organizing and revising ideas for the production of coherent texts.

Specific Objective

2. To determine in what ways EFL students’ writing skills evolve when it is offering to them explicit instruction according on writing process.

Context and participants

This research project was carried out at Language Institute of Colombian National Police in Santafé of Bogota.
The participants of the study included 10 adults between the ages of 25 and 45 with an intermediate level of English.
Their profession are secretaries, polices and administrative people on this area.

Instruments – techniques for data collection:
Questionnaires, student‘s artifacts and teacher‘s journals.

During Stage

Writing paragraph
Refine paragraph.
Use list transitional writing expression
Revise content.
Proofread for writing convention.
Text reorganization.
Pieces of writing or student's artifact
Student’s draft.
Lesson Plan (3).
Teacher journal.
The post stage evidenced the final product and process that were reinforced during the project time. The students’ final questionnaire was elaborated.

Specific objectives.
1. To familiarize students on the use of comparison and contrast paragraph to help them to achieve English goals in writing.

If you are a fast typist
you can get ideas onto the screen almost as quickly as they occur to you

When freewriting, do not worry about grammar or spelling because
in a prewriting
the only thing that is important is a list of ideas and detail about your subject
After the freewriting is finished
print it out to see it all out in front of you

With the the printed version
you can revise and expand your work with handwritten comments in the margins of the paper
If you have prepared a list of ideas

Delete the ideas you feel should not belong in your paper
Add new ideas that may have occurred to you
Then shuffle the supporting ideas into the best order for your paper
Lastly make the points sound professional
(or at least acceptable)
by changing the wording
Description of the pedagogical intervention.

Pedagogical objectives.
General objective.
To strengthen EFL students explicit instruction according to writing process evidence by training them on the use of comparison and contrast paragraph.

> All substituting
adding, deleting
and rearranging can be done easily within an existing file.
You can carefully go through your paper to check that all your supporting evidence
> When adding in new material, make sure it is placed correctly into the work.
Make sure you focus on improving word choice
increasing sentence variety
and eliminating wordiness
This proposal was carried out through the development of eight writing activities  divided in two cycles, for the development of the activities the students receive a printed material containing the writing with their respective activities.

During the two cycles the instructor gave an explicit instruction provided through to writing strategies. The instruction was based on authentic writing material chosen according to the students’ interests and needs.

According to the syllabus designed for adults, the content shows situational and thematic aspects such as talking about contrast and compare topics, also encourage the students to practice in a real context, the student contrast objects, people, animals, etc.
Through comparison and contrast structures, the student also compare places, food, etc. Students are given exercises to complete; they also follow model paragraph emphasizing compare and contrast subject, besides their written production is enhanced through the use of connectors.

Purpose of the Study
Syllabus Design
Main and Sub question
Subquestion 1.
How does EFL students’
writing strategies
use evidenced during
the writing sessions?

Main question

 How does explicit instruction provided through writing strategies a long the writing process evidence improvement in students’ comparison and contrast paragraph writing?

Subquestion 2.
In what ways do EFL
students’ writing skills
evolve by teaching writing
strategies explicitly?

Literature Review

Argumentative Paragraph
Bereiter & Scardamalia, 1983; Flower & Hayes, 1980; Murray, 1982. The writing process involves a series of steps to follow in producing a finished piece of writing.
Writing strategies
Writing strategies are defined as conscious decisions made by the writers to solve a writing problem. Writing strategies are classified into rhetorical strategies, metacognitive strategies, cognitive strategies, and social affective strategies (Riazi, 1997; Wenden, 1991).

Explicit instruction as “A systematic method of teaching with emphasis on proceeding in small step, checking for students understanding, and achieving active and successful participation by all students” Rosenshine 1987, p.94)

Richards and Schmidt further define
argumentative writing as composition
which "attempts to support a controversial
point or defend a position on which there
is a difference of opinion" (p. 337). So, in Comparison and Contrast paragraph,
two or more things are shown
to be similar, to be different,
or to be both similar and different.

This project is an action research, which aims to explore spiraling cycles of writing process where their stages can help them improve the basic writing skills in students of Intermediate level at Language Institute of Colombian National Police.
In this research qualitative research methods are used.
Nunan (1992) argues referred qualitative research concern understanding of human behavior from the actors.

Pre stage:
Pre questionnaire.
Getting ready to write.
Decide on a topic.
Organize ideas.
Lesson Plan (1).
Teacher journal beginning

Showcase finished product.
Students final writing
Final activities for being discussed in the classroom.
Lesson Plan (1).
Teacher journal ending

Specific Objectives
3. To identify how EFL students’ use of writing strategies evolve during the writing sessions.
Specific Objectives
2. To allow students to know, use, practice and experience comparison and contrast paragraph to improve their writing.

3. To apply a writing
plan and
see the impact
of using writing
strategies on EFL

Specific objective
Data Analysis
Main question
How does explicit instruction provided through writing strategies a long the writing process evidence improvement in students’ comparison and contrast paragraph writing?

Subcategories 1.
1.1 Students are able
to recognize the characteristics of the different writing strategies.

1.2 Students are able to identify the different “stages” inside the writing process

Subcategories 2
2.1 Students are able to look ways to improve  paragraph  in  structures and organization.
2.2 Students are able to choose a comparison and contrast topic to write on

Category 1
Explicit instructions help
the students to have
a better understanding
of writing process

Category 2
Comparison and contrast paragraph help the students improvement students writing proficiency.


Student’s lack of performance
to write with syntax and
cohesive devices which are
affecting the amount of
knowledge students
could be obtaining.
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