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The Body in the Woods

No description

Danielle Dodson

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of The Body in the Woods

by the SAR group in Forest Park around dark located in Portland Oregon
The Murder Has A THEME Going On
He imagined burying his nose right behind her ear.
How he would inhale as he listened to
the sound of her last breath.
The body of Miranda Wyatt was found
Its a MYSTERY who the murder is
This book is a MYSTERY because it has ideas and solutions that need clues that are revealed through out the book.
The theme of this book is to never give up. Though out the book they were all persistent to do many different things. Like finding Alexis's mentally ill mom
By: April Henry
Vol XCIII, No. 311
They were just called in to find "an autistic man"
Nick, Ruby, and Alexis all go to different schools, and they are all in the SAR organization. They get called during school to look for a missing man, but instead, they find the body of Miranda Wyatt. The killer in on a streak. Killing the innocent homeless, or not so as innocent oogles (not really homeless people) is bad enough enough a it is, but not being able to catch him, is worse.
Miranda Wyatt
- drunk alot
- pretended to be homeless aka oogle
- posted inappropriate and scandalous (as described) photos on Facebook
- murdered (strangled)
- wearing green eyeshadow, 3 ear piercings, blonde hair, wearing jeans and a hoodie

Alexis Frost
- has a mentally ill mom named Tanya

Nick Frost
- has ADHD
- dad died in Iraq

Ruby McClure
- loves to look at the news
- has no friends
- has red hair
- has pale skin
The Body in the Woods
He is killing homeless girls

- plants tracking devises on girls
- strangles his victims because he feels like "I am invincible, I am God."
Figurative Language
"...you're about as important to them
as the paper the paper wrapper a
hamburger comes in."
Point Of View
This story is third person omniscient
Overall I loved this book, It was a great mystery.
I loved how the author make it look like it was certain people who were the murder, when they were really not. I rate this book a 10.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries. This book has very little, but some inappropriate text.
What You Need To Know
The author used foreshadowing and different point of views to keep readers on the edge of their seat. He also included the murder's point of view.
I did not guess the resolution correctly, because the author hinted that other people were the murder/
Murdering is not a joke.
Many things in this book
happen so often in our life. If you hear of anyone threatening to kill someone, tell an adult or a police officer.

Prezi By Danielle
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