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The Hittites

No description

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of The Hittites

The Hittites
Geography Setting
Hattusa was provided plenty of water as the Hayls River flowed through their empire.
There was iron sources in the land surrounding them.
Time Period
- Emerged in 1900 BC
- Peak was in 1500 BC
- Ended in 800 BC

- Hittites established their empire at Hattusa about 100 miles east of Ankara, in Anatolia.
-Today it is located in north central Turkey.

Were they geographically isolated?
The Mitanni Empire was to the south of the Hittite empire. Egypt was by the Hittites also, and had the most interaction battlewise.
Nearby Bodies of Water...
The Hittites had access to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
They were around for 1,100 years
King's ruled the Hittite Empire
-They used force and diplomacy to rule.
-Didn't like the death penalty

-The Hittite Law was referred to as "The Laws" back then. They weren't a for sure thing so they never got a more proper name.

-The Law just requires cooperation. If your offense was severe you would most likely be made a slave
D'Lanee Doyle
-Economy was based on Agriculture
-Hittites were one of the best traders. They were responsible for spreading Mesopotamian thought, law and political structure.
What did they trade?
-The Hittite's currency was Silver Ingots
-The land made it easy for them to trade
- Economy was based on power.
- Nobles
- Merchants

- Believed that their kings were Gods when they were alive.
-Tarhunt was most important
-They were Polytheistic

Technology & Inventions
The Hittites discovered Iron, but kept their discovery a secret from others for many years. They also invented the Chariot. This affected the outcome of battles, because their weapons were so much better than opponents.
Stone carving of a Hittite Chariot.
Used Cuneiform Script to write.
Cuneiform is based on Pictures and was used by others around the Hittites.
Art & Architecture
Hittites were very skilled at metal and stone working. They were good builders
Lions gate
Slavery was used, but was a lot more humane than neighboring civilizations. The Slaves were seen as inferior people, usually captured and brought back from battles.
Hittite Rise and Fall
Rise- They were between two rivers.
Collapse- The volcano Helka exploded and caused widespread destruction.
Also the Capitol may have been attacked and destroyed by Egyptians.
Hattusa the capitol
Golden Age
-Lasted from 1400 BC- 1200 BC
-Army was very powerful
-Beat the Egyptians and Mitanni.
- Golden age ended when they fell to the Assyrians.

Hattusan Art
The End
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