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Darn Parents

No description

shauntel minks

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Darn Parents

Your parents are concerned that you are hanging out with troublesome older friends. They tell you to stay away and avoid these friends.
Troublesome Friends
You start to play in a really cool tree house near your backyard with your troublesome friends. Your friends say the tree house belongs to them, but your dad disagrees. He says that it lies within your family's property and belongs to your family. Your friends disagree and pick on you every time you enter the tree house. One day your dad sees this and kicks everyone out of the tree house.
Tree House Problem
Your parents tell you that you can play video games, but you can only play video games that they select. They decide you can only play "Rock Band: Justin Beiber"
Video Game Situation
Your parents take away all your allowance to help pay for a fence. They want to build a big fence to help keep all your troublesome friends out of the tree house
Fence Issue
Darn Parents
Your parents agree to give you your allowance back. However, to show you who is boss, they tell you will have to start paying money to play video games and use your cell phone
Pay to Play
Pay to eat
Your parents have also decided that you need to start contributing to the house hold. They impose a flat fee on all meals and snacks
Your parents decide that your bedroom will be used for all guests that stay at the house. When guests arrive you will be kicked out of your room and forced to sleep elsewhere. This is non-negotiable.
Housing Situation
How do you respond?
Your parents ban you from the tree house. They
tell you to stay out of the tree house to avoid all
future problems with your troublesome friends
Do you stay out?
How do you respond?
How do you respond?
Do you agree? Why/Why not
How do you respond?
How do you react?
After all that, your parents have
come to decision.
They will cut you a little bit of
slack. However, they will
remind you every day, 20
times a day, that they are the
boss. If you mess up at all, they
could impose any type of punishment that they wanted. You would have no say so.

How do you respond?
Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy
Darn British
I have a little secret to share with you!
All these scenarios represent real historical drama
Troublesome Friends=Navigation Acts
The British did not want the American colonists to trade with other countries. They could only buy things from Great Britain and sell things to Great Britain.
Tree House Problem=French and Indian War
The British (and American colonists) battled the French and Indian allies for control on land west of the Appalachian Mountains
This leads to the Proclamation of 1763
Fence Issue= Stamp Act
The British sent troops to
protect the Americans during the war. They created taxes to cover the costs of the war. The Stamp Act required all
newspapers, pamphlets, and legal documents
Pay to Play= Townsend Acts
The British withdrew the Stamp Act after protests, but eventually passed the Townsend Acts as a way to tax luxury goods and maintain discipline
Video Game Situation= Tea Act
The British withdrew all the Townsend Acts except for the tax on tea. This angered the colonists because it allowed the British East India Tea Company to monopolize the tea market in the colonies
Pay to eat= Sugar Act
British put a 3 cent tax on foreign sugar as well as coffee, indigo, and wine. First instance in which colonists want a say in how much they are taxed
Housing Situation= Quartering Act
Colonists were required to house British soldiers and accommodate their basic needs
Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy= Declaratory Act
Britain repeals the Stamp Act but passes Declaratory Act that declares Britain superior than the colonies and capable of taxing the colonies when they pleased.
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