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IS 1: Top 10 Ways to Become a Prime-Time College Student

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James Preston

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of IS 1: Top 10 Ways to Become a Prime-Time College Student

Due Date
You have until Tuesday, April 14th at noon to complete this assignment. I'd like you to post it on the discussion board as an attachment (Powerpoint or Word document), or as a link (Prezi or Video) so that your classmates can see it! It will be like having a gallery of ideas on how to become a prime-time student.
Get creative and show me what you learned!
By the way... don't forget to get your Student Education Plan done and submit it to the dropbox for 50 points!
IS 1: Top 10 Ways to Become a Prime-Time College Student
10 Ways to Become a Prime-Time Student
List 10 ideas or techniques that you learned from this 3rd unit (Chapters 4-8 + activities).
For each idea/technique you should write a brief paragraph or have a list of key bulletpoints
Each idea/technique is worth 10 points (100 points total)
Here is an example....

1) Active listening- to be a good student requires you to become an active listener. I have learned that next to breathing, listening is what we do 2nd most as human beings. I have developed my active listening skills through watching a video in class and practicing with friends and in class. The improvement in listening also connects with becoming a better note-taker in class as these concepts are tied together.
Presentation Format
You can do your Top 10 list in any of the following formats:

1) PowerPoint
2) Prezi
3) Lecture-style video
4) Keynote
5) Word Document with pictures
6) Any other format you can think of!
Creativity/Visual Grade
In addition to the 100 points for your Top 10 you will get a score out of 50 points for creativity. You should include at least 5 visuals in your presentation/paper that are connected with your Top 10 concepts. They can be videos, cartoons, pictures, etc.....
Unit 3 Project
This project is worth 150 points
This project is due on Tuesday, April 14th by noon!
A way to wrap up and show what you know from this unit of study from Weeks 7-11
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