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Crowle Literacy Learning Fair

No description

Aldo Barovier

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Crowle Literacy Learning Fair

ET Crowle Literacy Learning Inquiry Question: How can we as staff facilitate demonstration of higher order thinking, embedded in understanding of learning targets, success criteria, differentiated instruction and use of technology in student achievement and assessment? Technology - Aldo Assessment - Book Study Learning Targets & Success Criteria - Rose Teacher Knowledge & Skills Interactive Smartboard Document Camera Edu.glogster.com Literacy Network Class Visits WALT WILF understanding & applying curriculum CRT workshops Writing Continuum Differentiated Instruction - Amy etherpad.com variety of resources SEA Staff Engagement Challenges - Kelli Next Steps - Kelli ePEARL Blueprints resistance to change
time to implement & work together
resources continue to develop & increase use of targets and success criteria
Glogster is a powerful blogging tool. It also provides a canvas for the artistically inclined to place graphics, text boxes, images, audio files, video players, and links in creative and original ways. Plus, the students will love the freedom of having text, audio, and video to share their thoughts. Prezi allows movement -- zooming and panning, lines and pathways, text boxes, photos, and video clips. The layout is on a giant canvas that you design and control. The final products are visually stunning and make a powerful impact on audiences. Prezi Glogster Senteos Web 2.o
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