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The Treasure Of Lemon Brown

No description

katie fee

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of The Treasure Of Lemon Brown

The Treasure Of Lemon Brown
Plot Line
Literary Devices
“Hard times boy. Hard times always after a poor man. One day I got tired, sat down to rest a spell, and felt a tap on my shoulder. Hard times had caught up with me.”
- personification and symbolism
-Main Characters: Greg, and Lemon Brown
-Setting:a rainy day in an old abandoned building
- Greg gets caught in the rain and runs into a building to take cover. Greg meets an old man in the building.
Born on August 12th, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Inspired to become an author because his teachers recognized his intelligence and his foster parents encouraged him to read and write

He has a plethera of books concerning so many diffrent topics- mostly teen literature

Wrote: "Sunrise Over Fallujah"
He is still writing books today
Walter Dean Myers
Rising Action
-Lemon Brown Threatens Greg
Rising Action
-Lemon tells Greg about his
days playing the blues
Rising Action
-Greg and Lemon hear a noise outside.
there is a gang of boys outside the building.
The boys come in the building to look for Lemons treasure because they heard him talk about it. They think that his treasure is money.
“A car passed its tires hissing over the wet street , its red taillights glowing in the darkness”
Falling Action
-Lemon Jumps the boys and grabs their flashlight
-the boys run off
“Don’t try nothin’ ‘cause i got a razor sharp here sharp enough to cut a week into nine days!”
- Imagery and figurative language
Falling Action
-Greg asks Lemon if he is okay
Falling Action
-Lemon decides to show Greg his treasure
-Lemons treasure is an old beat up harmonica and some newspaper clippings that his son took to war with him
-The theme is treasure is not always gold or riches.
Author: Adeline Lambert
Characterization Poem
Non-fiction Article
Title: Homelessness in America
-This picture shows people walking by a homeless person which is explaind as the "bystander effect"
-In our short story Greg does the oppisite of the "bystander effect" by becoming friends with a homeless man
Old Sweet Lemon Brown
With a halo of white
A heart of pure gold and love for the blues
Old Sweet Lemon Brown
With his mind in the past
In a time of show and a time of great class
Old Sweet Lemon Brown
With his tired old mind
Hard times just came tapping, caught up to his soul
Old Sweet Lemon Brown
His son went away
Carried with him forever memories of his dads days
Old Sweet Lemon Brown
Had fought with the struggle
Of his sons passing and the outside trouble
Old Sweet Lemon Brown
Had mo treasures of gold
but the treasure that lasts longer and goes deeper
Old Sweet Lemon Brown
Citation Page
Littell, McDougal. The Interactive Reader Plus. Evanston, Illinois: McDougal Littell Inc. , 2003. 450. Print.
The Treasure Of Lemon Brown
By: Walter Dean Brown
1.What was the climax of the story?
2.What was the authors name?
3. What was the main literary
device used in the characterization poem?
4. What is the "bystamder effect and how did it relate to the story?
5. What was the theme of the story?
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