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Happiness Assembly

No description

James Anthony

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Happiness Assembly

Getting onto
Cloud Nine

What is happiness?
Ingredients of happiness
The opinions we have for ourselves
Having self-confidence is key to finding happiness because if we are not even happy with ourselves, how are we supposed to be able to feel happy? Researchers have found that individuals who act extroverted are more happy. So stop worrying about your looks or actions and be bold and fearless! We must recognize that we are the source of our own happiness. Happiness is not “out there.” It’s in here. In us.
The people we surround ourselves with
Human beings are social creatures and we need the comfort and love of others to keep us content. Belonging to a group or community can give us a sense of identity. Likewise, being with someone who is emotionally draining, critical, and pessimistic can bring your mood down.
Strength to overcome trials
Life is always going to be an obstacle course and if you are unable to accept that there are going to be tough times in your life that you are going to face, you will have difficulty finding (or difficulty maintaining) happiness
Fulfillment and satisfaction
Why live if not to be happy? Human beings do have a vain side and love to be praised and feel the glowing rays of success. So to be happy in life, do something that makes you feel happy and satisfied. Your job bringing you down? Perhaps it's time to find something else to do!
Attitude and perception
To find happiness, you must reflect on the bigger picture of what your life is all about and find your perception of what it is you are living for. Have an optimistic view to life and happiness will come to you naturally
How does happiness work?
Happiness works in many different ways. Versatile, happiness can work quickly and in short bursts like a firecracker. However, it can also be longer-lasting and memorable.
Happiness can be infectious and wide-spreading or it can be solely personal. However happiness works, it never ceases to bring calm to the turmoil in our lives (even if for a second) and bring a smile to our faces.
Feeling happy vs. Being happy
It may seem like the same thing but feeling happy IS different from being happy. Feeling happy is temporary while being happy is lasting. Feeling happy is more superficial while being happy is deep and fulfilling. One is more reflected outwardly while the other is reflected more internally.
Feeling Happiness = tip of the iceburg
Being in state of happiness = the big picture
Prezi by: Hilary Li
Block: 2-2
Teacher: Ms. Panas
Everybody is different
Our individual perception of the world around us affects how we feel and react to our environment and to what is going on around us.
Since each and every one of us live very different lives, and in different environments, what makes us happy is not always the same as the next person.
Everybody's perception of happiness is different
Is happiness dependent or independent?
It is hard to recognize happiness because it appears in so many different forms and shapes. The main thing to remember is that happiness can be anything and everything. Even when you are facing dark times, know that it could have been worse. Every cloud has a silver lining
Recognizing happiness
For some people happiness can be concrete
a frenzy of

dancing in the rain
the glint in people's eyes
There are many reasons why people are not happy. Some look too hard for happiness not realizing that if they stop and really look in front of them, they'll see how simple it is to attain happiness. Some do not fully comprehend what happiness is and do not realize that they have it until it is gone. Some do not have the strength and confidence in themselves to see the light and optimistic side to life. Happiness is a choice and many people do not realize this fact.
Why are some people not happy?
being surrounded by loved ones
worldly possessions
gifts / presents
the sounds and feelings of poetry
(superficial and simple)
the sweetness of memories
Finding happiness....
Central to Buddhist belief is that suffering comes from desire (wanting things)
If we continually want physical objects then we are going to be unhappy
If we never want anything to change then we are going to be unhappy
Maybe we have to accept that everything changes
Your latest gadgets will go out of date
The seasons
Children grow old
Friendships change
If we are able to stop wanting things to remain the same then suffering will come to an end....
Be alert
Be vigilant
Be thankful
And be wise
Happiness is there
Before your eyes


The daintiest dance
The merest glimmer
A chink of light
A lustrous shimmer
A soulful note
The faintest cry
A song of love
A sweet reply
A tug on heartstrings
The utmost longing
A sigh of relief
A sense of belonging
The tiniest moment
The sweetest thought
A smile in your heart
‘Tis happiness caught
'If your happiness is dependent upon something you can lose, then you might never win.' Anon
'The more we think of others, the happier we are. The more we think of ourselves, the more suffering we feel.' - Dalai Lama

'Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose.' - CS Lewis
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