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Stereotypes about My Weight

No description

Eryca Thomas

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Stereotypes about My Weight

Stereotypes about Being Underweight
by Eryca Thomas

Being underweight
What an Underweight Person Looks Like
Another stereotype about underweight people is that all of them are thin
This is an stereotype, as a people believe a person is underweight based on the way a person looks, not their body type
Whether someone is underweight or not is based on finding out their BMI on a BMI calculator
Because of this, it is very possible for a larger person to be underweight
Body Image
Most believe that underweight people are happy with their bodies
This is connected to what most see when the think of an underweight person; a thin person
Just cause a person is thin, underweight, or both, it does not mean they are not insecure
In fact, a person being underweight can be a large factor in them being insecure
To conclude
A well diet and low weight do no go hand in hand
Underweight people are not always thin
A lower than usual weight does not equal high self confidence
Being underweight does not mean a person eats well.
It usually means an underweight person has a high metabolism
Some of the people with high metabolisms believe that they can eat just about anything without consequence
Because of this, some people that are underweight actually have health problems later in life
This however, usually only applies to thin underweight people
First of all, what is underweight? The definition is actually in the word. It means your weight is lower than average for your own body type. People who are underweight face multiple stereotypes. Unlike what some people believe, being underweight does not mean a person has a well diet, is skinny, or is confident about their body image.
What does this have to do with me??
My diet
My Shape
My self-image
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