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The Odyssey


Anna Ratchkova

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of The Odyssey

The Cyclops Part 1 Characters Odysseus- valiant leader from
Troy to Ithaca
Cyclops- enormous, dull, one-eyed monster Odysseus’s men- his loyal soldiers that
accompany him during his journey Summary *Odysseus and his men made their way to Cyclops's cavern.
*They beached close to the cave.
*They walked into the cave after Cyclops left to take his sheep out to pasture.
*The men wanted to take the cheeses and lambs they has found, but Odysseus told them not to.
*The Cyclops returned to milk the ewes and puts a huge stone in the doorway Summary *The men hide but the monster spots them.
*He asks them who they are, where are they from, and what brought them there and Odysseus responds.
*The Cyclops asks Odysseus about the ship and he lies and says it has been shipwrecked.
*The monster grabs two of the men and smashed their heads on rocks.
*The other men cried as Cyclops was eating their shipmates.

Summary *Odysseus did not kill the Cyclops because he was afraid that he would not be able to move the stone door.
*When Dawn rises the Cyclops lights a fire and takes his sheep out, leaving the doorway open.
*Odysseus found a branch from an olive tree and they sharpened it in the fire.
*When Cyclops came back, Odysseus and his men offered him wine and he drank it all.
Summary *After giving Cyclops the wine, Odysseus tricks him by telling him that his name is ‘Nohbdy’. (nobody)
*Odysseus made a hand spike into a spear, burned the tip of it and it went from green to a glowing red.
*Cyclops, who has now been blinded, threatened to eat ‘Nohbdy’ and his men.
*Odysseus and his four strongest men stuck the burning hot weapon into *Cyclops’ eye, while blood ran down.
Summary *Someone asked Polyphemus who had hurt him and why he was calling out in pain.
*When Cyclops said ‘Nohbdy’, they thought that no one had hurt him, so they told him to pray to his father Poseidon about it.
*Odysseus came up with a plan, which pleased him.
*He started by tying three of Polyphemus’s rams together, and then tied one of his men under each of the middle rams.
*Three rams held one man.
*The softest, choicest of the flock was the sheep that held Odysseus, that was the leader sheep.

Summary *All of the men, including Odysseus, waited under the sheep until morning, when it was time for Cyclops to let the animals out into the field.
*Since Cyclops couldn’t see anymore, he didn’t realize Odysseus and his men were hanging from underneath his sheep.
*As Odysseus and his men were trying to escape they took Cyclops’ fat, stiff-legged sheep to take aboard with them.
*Odysseus and his men were trying to load everything into the ship, including the herd of sheep.
Summary *Odysseus shouted out to Cyclops as they were leaving, asking him if he would feast on his men, and making fun of him for being a cannibal.
*He also said to Polyphemus that Zeus and the other gods have paid him for the way he’s been acting.
*Odysseus’ men were questioning why he wouldn’t just leave the Cyclops alone.
*Then out of anger, he told Polyphemus his real name, that he was Laertes’ son, who lived on Ithica.
*After that, Cyclops prayed to Poseidon (his father) wishing that Odysseus wouldn’t see his home for a while, and that he would lose all his companions.

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