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Race to planet BY DEREK AND ELISEO

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Race to planet BY DEREK AND ELISEO

Our planet is geologically active because of all the volcanoes eruptions, earthquakes, tectonic plates and because of the atmosphere. The importance of volcanoes in our planet is that it refreshers the atmosphere due to the volcanic eruptions gives us fresh air. This fresh air is a balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen.
Describe your atmosphere
Our planet has a thin layer of atmosphere. Our atmosphere contains only 2 gases they are carbon dioxide and oxygen. The importance of plants are that they create oxygen which we breath and the plants also sustains carbon dioxide which is poisons to humans. The process of photosynthesis is when plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen Our planets thin layer of atmosphere has a slight risk of a metorite of getting through and hitting our plant.
How far away from the sun is your planet and why is it important
Our planet is 0.82 AU away from the sun. Our planets neighboring planets are Venus and Earth. The distance from our planet to the sun is important because it affects the climate due to how close it is to the sun it also affects the orbit. Due to the distance from the sun our planet would have more light therefore would have more plants which means more oxygen which we humans breath.
What is your planets core and how does it affect your planet
Our planets core is made of molten. Molten is a liquified metal. The molten affects the planet because the molten helps create volcanoes and volcanoes balances the carbon dioxide and the oxygen in the atmosphere. On the other hand an iron core can't do everything a molten core can.
Race to planet Terraria
How does you planets placement affect your planet and why
Our planet is 0.82 away from the sun and is in between Venus and earth. This affects the climate because it is much closer to the sun then other planets which means our planet is hotter the then other planets. The average minimum temperature in winter is 20 degrees and the average maximum temperature is 25 degrees.The average minimum temperature in summer is 30 degrees and the maximum temperature is 63 degrees in summer.
How much water occupes your planet and why?
On our planet you can find water in a liquid, soild and in a gas form. Our planet is roughly 50% water and 50% land, mountains and deserts. There is water on our planet for the survival of species such as humans and animals because water is chemically necessary for life.
What is gravity on our planet?
Gravity on our planet is when molecules are pulling on another objects molecules. Anything can have gravitational pull as long as it has mas. Our planets gravity keeps us orbiting the sun and while that is happening the sun is pulling us. As most of us know when we jump we fall to the ground fastley but when you drop a feather it falls slowly because of how light it is and beacuse there is air all around us which makes the feather fall slower than other objects. Our planets connection with the moon s gravitational pull affects the tides.
What is the size of our planet and how does this affect gravity
Our planet has a diameter of 12 103 km this roughly the same size of Earth and Venus.The size of our planet affects gravity which influences the seasons, tides, day/nights and how we walk. Our planet has 2 seasons because of the size and the location in the solar system influencing the gravitational pull and time to orbit.
How long will our planet rotate and why
Our planet will take 121 days maximum to rotate. This is because of our planet placement in the solar system.
by : Derek and Eliseo
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