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Andrew's Capsim

No description

Camille Boxhill

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Andrew's Capsim

Andrews R&D Industry: C5770 Camille Boxhill
Keneya Edwards
Zachary Greene Step Two Marketing Annual Report ... Our mission is to establish Andrews Co. as the broad cost leader of the sensor industry by producing quality, low-priced products that capture market share and maintain a competitive edge. We strive to elevate the brand and increase revenues by delivering consistent value to our stakeholders: bond holders, customers, and management. Total Sales Contribution Margin $319,521k 29% ROA 2021 Andrews Co. Mission Statement Determined a strategic plan How to achieve this... Future Strategies Recommendations for Andrews Co. & Overall Performance ... Our Strategy Outline Don't forget to call your Mom! Step Four Finance Recommendations Any questions? Abbey Hendricks
Christoper Nealon Marketing Production Finance Meet customer criteria
shift all current products for placement within fine cut circle
Introduce new product in performance segment Competitive pricing strategy
Achieve 100% awareness and accessibility
Accurately forecast upcoming years' sales based on units demanded and potential market share Utilize forecast to create production schedule
Automation Long term debt
Short term debt
Stock buyback ...and executed. ROE ROs Consistent growth Step One Research & Development Recommendations Step Three Production Recommendations R&D
Pricing Strategy Compared to Competition Main competitor Top Competitor Analysis Digby Chester Let's see how our competitors are doing.... -Leveraged debt in the early years -Established 100% Awareness and raised Accessibility in early rounds -Captured High End Market Share, making our high end product irrelevant What to do? 2014
2021 Stock Out Years R&D
Important to reposition products within fine cut circle
Pricing Strategy
Changed sales forecasting method to better predict upcoming sales
Did not account for changes in R&D and pricing when creating production schedules
Ultimately resulting in stock outs
Ending stock price: $88.87
Successfully recovered from 2 emergency loans
Debt repayment confusion Baldwin -Gained a positive Contribution Margin Early On

-Led the industry with stock price and market cap in year two

-Never recovered from an emergency loan -Rivaled our market share throughout the competition

-Dominated the low end market segment in sales -Prioritize R&D through early investment
-Continue to give the consumers what they want; adjust product to stay in the middle of segment
-Invest in new products -100% Awareness and Accessibility
-Forecast effectively considering R&D and price changes
-Maintain position as the broad cost leader - -Increase capacity across the board as needed
-Increase automation for products with little R&D
-Produce 15-25% more than forecast - -Continue to max out long term debt
-Manage stock price by issuing and retiring stock
-Eventually issue dividend to increase price Recommendations 9.2% 21% 6.2%
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