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Animal Cell vs Swimming Pool

No description

Davi Patterson

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Animal Cell vs Swimming Pool

The function of the cytoskeleton is to help it move and/or give it a better structure

It is like the liner on an above-ground pool
Animal Cell vs Swimming Pool
Storage in the cells
It would be like skimming a pool to collect all the garbage out of it
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The ER processes and moves the packages inside a cell
The jets of a hot tub- circulates
Golgi Body
nucleus is like the brain: controls everything the cell does
nucleus of swimming pool= drainer and hose
Tells the cell what to do and how to reproduce
It would be like the hose
The lyosome gets rid of the waste
It is like the main drains in a pool
Protein builders
Ribosomes in pool= water purifier
Provides a power source to the cell
It is like the heater in a heated pool
Cell Membrane
It lets the oxygen in and lets the CO2 out
It is like the pipes in a pool because it brings the water/chlorine in and out
The function of the cytoplasm is the space inside the cell
In a pool that would be the water
the golgi body sorts through the protein and packages things
the golgi body in a pool= filter
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