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Copy of Bullying in the workplace

No description

Melissa Kanowitz

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Bullying in the workplace

Bullying in the
work place

By : Melissa

How many of you actually know that there is bullying occurring in the workplace?
How does bullying in the
work place relate to our course?
What percentage do you think workers are bullied at the work place in New York?
The study was from May to June 2012 and 3,800 workers said they didn't confront the bullies after/being bullied.
35 % of workers say they have in 2012
In 2011 there were only 25%of workers saying they have been bullied
Diversity Ethical behavior Ethical
Glass Discrimination
Ceiling Effect

Everyone in the workplace has stress and some everyday stress factors are health, work, life and much more.
Workplace Bullying: A Health Hazard, Study Says

By Kelly Ni

Article last updated September 3, 2012

Bullying in the Workplace Grows

By: Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor Agust 29th
What kinds of stress do you think you could have at the workplace?
The kinds of stress you can have in the work place are :

Deadlines that have to be met
Getting bullied
Not organized
Your boss always expecting a lot from you

48 % of respondents felt bullied by their boss
45% by coworkers
31% by a customer
26% by someone higher in the company then they were
Facts about the
An office in a new york city are getting evaluated by a survey.
Who is usually the bully ?
Different ways employees are bullied
Falsely accused
Being ignored
Constantly criticized
Being yelled at by their OWN boss in front of other colleges
Being purposely excluded from projects
Being gossiped about being picked on for personal attributes

Deadlines that have to be met, having a time limit

Not being
able to make progress on work if colleagues do not get agree

Distractions such as bullies that enable you from getting you work done
Thank you for
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