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Logotherapy and Viktor Frankl.

Assessment by JEA Student# s0232456.

Jenna Mackaxtens

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Logotherapy and Viktor Frankl.

Meaning? Logotherapy Do you feel
like life
has lost
it's meaning? Going through
a rough
patch? Faced with
a bad situation
that you
can't change? This guy did too YES! His Name is Viktor Frankl Viktor was a happily married, respected Jewish doctor who helped many people in need... However...his country was invaded by Hitler and the Nazi's... All of his possessions were taken, he was separated from his family and they were all taken to concentration camps. Concentration Camp Terrible crimes were committed against the innocent Jews... countless Jews were killed or died of starvation, torture, gas chambers and other inhumane causes... It was a hopeless situation... Because of his medical training, Viktor was often called upon to help other Jews. Dr Frankl discovered that people who could see they had something to do in the future e.g. a meaningful task were more resiliant in the face of depression, hopelessness and suffering
i.e. cope better so...what things provide meaning to you? This is because they can change their mindset,

so their suffering is transformed into meaning think of
something specific
that only you can
do or create in the future think of someone significant in your life who needs you in their life think of something important in
your life could remembering
these things help you cope in times of pain and stress? can they
help you
find... and, because he
was Jewish... Jewish children in a concentration camp...
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