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CSCL Concepts

No description

Amber Clark

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of CSCL Concepts

Define Collaboration
To effectively utilize collaborative learning, one must first clearly define what is meant by “Collaboration.”
Social interaction between students in a CSCL environment facilitates deeper learning, critical thinking, shared understanding, higher knowledge retention, conceptualization and reflection of knowledge learned.
The Way Out
Effective collaborative learning environments are built by crafting clear objectives and solid course design, then providing effective tools and appropriate instructor guidance.
CSCL Concepts: Seeing the Forest through the Trees
Collaboration in online environments pose unique challenges for educators
Collaborative learning is based on social learning theories;
the application of these theories in CSCL must be critically evaluated for optimum use.
Social Interaction
....Online social interaction looks like this:
But instead of this...
Students need adequate tools for successful collaborative learning.
Without being appropriately armed for online collaboration and group work, the students spend too much time trying to manage the learning environment, detracting from the actual learning that should be taking place.
There must be compatible,
user-friendly technology tools capable of supporting collaborative learning.
Technology must support the needs of the learning environment.
Yet a great environment cannot improve or help a poorly structured course.
Course material must follow a sound pedagogical design when developed
Such as the ADDIE model:
Collaboration can have positive effects, but doesn't guarantee learning...
Ideal CSCL
Typical CSCL
Lessons need to be structured appropriately and monitored by the instructor.
The instructor must act as a “guide on the side” to cultivate the online interactions to promote actual learning. Peer-to-peer interactions are not enough.
Prompt instructor feedback at every phase is critical to success.
and small.
Adding more online learners to a group project will make it more complicated.

Two to three people per group is ideal.
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