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Code Orange By: Caroline B. Cooney

No description

Cara Lamastra

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Code Orange By: Caroline B. Cooney

Code Orange By: Caroline B. Cooney
Code Orange is about Mitty Blake, a boy doing a research paper on Smallpox. During his research, Mitty finds old smallpox scabs in an old book. While he is holding them, he sneezes, crushes them, and breathes in the dust of the scabs. He is then forced to ask himself if he could get smallpox from that. Mitty asks people online if they think he can get infected from the exposure. This gets the attention of terrorists who want to start the smallpox epidemic again. They kidnap Mitty, but in the end he escapes. Mitty does not get get smallpox, but in the end they say it
is possible
to get infected from 100 year old scabs.

Symptoms of Smallpox
High Fever
Head aches
Body aches
Book Review
In all, I did not like the book Code Orange. Most of the book was Mitty asking himself what he should do and him trying to figure out if he has smallpox or not. I do not recommend the book either, because it was very slow and only the last two chapters were interesting.
What is Smallpox?
Smallpox is a disease that is very dangerous and deadly because it spreads so quickly and it is hard to live through. You can get smallpox just by breathing in the same air as an infected person if you get too close. With smallpox, you get a rash, and have to live through the symptoms. Patients with smallpox are so weak, it hurts to move.
Stages of the Rash
First Stage: Red dots all over body that turn into sores
24 hours later: Red dots all over your body
Thick bumps that fill with thick fluid
Pustules: Hard bumps on skin
Two weeks: Scabs scab over and leave pitted scar
**Note: All the symptoms are going on through this whole process
Distribution of Rash
What I learned
I learned a lot on Smallpox through the book and this project. I learned about its symptoms, how you can get it, how deadly it is, and the stages of the rash. It showed me why so many people died during the epidemic because of how uncontrollable it was.
Is it possible to get smallpox, by breathing in crushed scabs from 100 years ago?
How the Virus Gets in
Like said before, you could easily get smallpox if someone breathes in the air as an infected person.

What happens first is the disease enters your body through:
Rubbing your eyes
Rubbing your nose
Breathing the same air as an infected person
Putting hands in mouth
How the Virus takes over
Now that the Virus is in your body, it starts to look for the cells.

Once the smallpox virus finds cells, they enter the cell usually through endocytosis.

Once inside the cell they find the nucleus, and make more copies of themselves so they can take over the cell. This is haow they cause the all of the symptoms.
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