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Nelson Memory Champion v2

No description

Meaghan Hendricks

on 21 September 2018

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Transcript of Nelson Memory Champion v2

Nelson Dellis
2012 & 2011 Memory Campion
I. First I'll rattle off a fully memorized deck of cards (I'll be holding up a jumbo size deck of playing cards, calling them out as I hold each one up)
II. Then I'll go into my personal background - who I am, how I got into the memory world (my grandmother, alzheimers), what the memory championship is, etc.
III. Talk about what proper memorization is all about 1). Visualization and 2). Storage
IV. Visualization - discuss this further
V. Storage - discuss this further
VI. To finish, an interactive demo with the audience. I'll give them 10-14 random words (havent decided yet which) and use the stage as a memory palace to store the images I come up with for each word. An idea might be to have the prezi be the memory palace, and we navigate the space in the prezi and start sticking pictures as we go (kind of like the e-reputation prezi).
Nelson Dellis
2012 & 2011
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