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Eleanor and Park

No description

Eleanor Park

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Eleanor and Park

The Characters
Park's Parents
Tina (and students)
two misfits.
one extraordinary love.

- instill values in Park
- "In hee-ya!" (25 Rowell)
- "I should have had a family like this" - Eleanor (224)
- big and has crazy bright red hair
-wears raggedy, multicoloured clothes
-careless of what others think of her
The Setting
The Bus
Eleanor's and Park's houses
Where Eleanor and Park first meet
The Plot
Why read Eleanor and Park?
- Loyal and Trustworthy

By: Rainbow Rowell
Throughout life, first impressions are often based on appearances
General Setting
Love isn't always like a fairy tale and doesn't necessarily have a happy ending.
Home can be a state of mind, but sometimes it reflect on how a person acts outside.
Sometimes perseverance is the best way to overcome challenges in life.
Doing things you're afraid of can be thing that are most worth doing.
- He's an abusive and alcoholic stepfather

-Easily tempered

- Keeps Eleanor and Park's relationship in the shadows
- The two spend a lot of time at Park's house

- Skinny
- Half-Korean
- Black hair as well as clothes
- Courageous
- Loving
-judgemental, unaccepting
-bullies Eleanor
-"That girl-all of them--hated Eleanor before they'd even laid eyes on her" (Rowell 11)

- Takes place in 1969 Omaha, Nebraska
-Eleanor and Park live in a small town
- one school year
- The book was told in Eleanor and Parks's perspective
-Takes place usually on the school bus
Gloomy and depressing in the beginning of the novel. However, the mood becomes more suspenseful when Eleanor and Parks relationship strengthens. Especially when they realize how dependent they are to one another.

Romeo and Juliet
- Completely opposite
- Eleanor's house is small and no one is ever invited over
- Park's house is nice and has a comfortable atmosphere
The End
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