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Leaving Desire - Freytag's Pyramid

"Leaving Desire" by Jon Lee Anderson in Freytag's Pyramid Format by Sharon Mathew 2nd Period

Sharon Mathew

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of Leaving Desire - Freytag's Pyramid

Leaving Desire by Jon Lee Anderson Freytag's Pyramid Format External/Internal Conflict Climax/Turning Point Falling Action/ Denouement Resolution/ Final Outcome Theme Characters Lionel Petri - a survivor of Hurricane Katrina,
Shawn Alladio - a membe of the search party,
Dog - a pet belonging to Lionel Petri,
Theron Green - surviving son of Alfred Green,
Alfred Green - surviving father of Theron Green,
Trinell Samson - surviving fiance of Theron Green,
Willa Mae Butler - Lionel Petrie's aunt,
Mildred -Lionel Petri's wife,
Narrarator - tells the story in the point of view while helping Alladio Setting New Orleans, Louisiana
2005, Hurricane Katrina What do we learn in the very beginning? Hurricane Katrina struck and the situation in Lousiana is not very well. Rising Action/ Roadblock Alladio offers to take Lionel Petrie out of Lousiana to see his family, but he has to leave his dog. Lionel decides to leave everything he worked hard for, and leave to protection. Inciting Incident/ Problem The flood water is toxic and to survive everybody must evacuate from their homes to survive. Although Lionel Petrie is safe, he is still concerned about the fate of his family and loved ones that are scattered all around the globe. Lionel Petrie is informed that his family is safe and sound, and they will soon be reunited together. Athough it may seem that you are stuck in the worst case scenario, you should still have hope that soon things will turn out better. External conflict: Hurricane Katrina stuck Lousiana and toxic water creates a hazardous environment. Internal Conflict: Lionel Petrie has to decide whether to keep everything he had worked hard for or live another day. What is Freytag's Pyramid for? Freytag's Pyramid Leaving Desire Vocabulary Exposition Exposition - writing or speech primarily intended to convey information or to explain; a detailed statement or explanation; Character - a person represented in a story, a part or role, Setting - the surroundings or environment of anything Problem - a difficult situation that a character or person has to face External Conflict - a struggle between a person and an outside force Internal Conflict - mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses Rising Action - a related series of incidents in a literary plot that build toward the point of greatest interest. Climax - the highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of something Falling Action - the part of a literary plot that occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved. Resolution - the state of being resolved Theme - the subject or topic that can often be learned from Freytag's pyramid is used to map or plan out the plot structure in a visually organized manner that allows a deeper and clearer understanding towards a story. By: Sharon Mathew, 2nd Period, Vonner
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