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Diversity in Pro- Sp

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Jason Hou

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Diversity in Pro- Sp

Stereotypes in the sport also discourage players to play at the professional level. For example, many people may consider basketball a sport for African Americans so many other players that are other than African American are discriminated against causing them to not perform as well.
Diversity in professional sports is a big problem because one or more ethnic groups will dominate a certain sport, great players are discouraged to play at the professional level because their race isn’t represented in great numbers in the sport or in the league, and coaches and team managers don't realize that diversity is key to a successful team.
We can improve the diversity rates in team sport and also encourage young children to play a sport they really like early in their childhood. Professional teams can also host after school programs and leagues to encourage young kids to play. I think this can encourage kids to play, stand up against discrimination, and also help teams do better in the future.
These statistics show that in two sports there 2 major races dominating that certain sport. This is a problem for many because many are already discouraged to play a sport because their race isn't shown on TV when profesional games are broadcasted.
Diversity in Pro- Sports
Lastly, team managers and coaches should realize that a diverse team can improve a team's performance. Research shows that in team sports that teams with a better diversity percentages will do better significantly than teams with very little diversity. It is also shown that team diversity can ease tensions in between players and can also prevent conflicts when playing or practicing.
Diversity in American Pro- Sports
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