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Career Action Plan

justin frehner

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Firefighters

My Career Action Plan Personal Profile part 1 Personal Profile part 2 Opportunities part 2 Occupational Information My Skills
- Good with a team
- Physically Agile
- Great focus on getting the job done
- Problem Solving Educational Opportunities
- Phys ed. (high school and college)
- Sciences (high school and college) NOC number : 6262 Firefighters My Interests - Hands-on activities
- Playing hockey
- Playing music
- Golfing
- Fishing My Values- Family
- Success
- Friendship
- Honesty
- Money My Personality Traits
-Primary, I'm
a Doer My Learning Style/

- Kinesthetic
- Learn best by touching Impacts on my life

- Hockey
- School
- Parents
- Summer Camps
- Friends High Fives in My Life
(In order)

- Focus on the Journey
- Follow Your Heart
- Access Your Allies
- Learning is On-going
- Change is Constant Opportunities
part1 Extra Curricular Opportunities
- Hockey (Team work)
- Going to the gym (Fitness) Volunteer Opportunities
- Baseball Helper (communication skills) Potential Barrier/Solution
Barrier = Failing a mandatory Science
or Phys Ed course

Solution = Taking that course again Employment Opportunities
- Baby sitting
- Property Restoration Daily Duties : Stay at the station until help is needed Salary Range : $65, 000 Working conditions & hours : Rotating full days, eat and sleep at station Education required for job : High school graduation, successful completion of firefighter training program (NFPA 1001) Occupation of Interest Related jobs in this field : airport firefighter, fire captain, firefighter, industrial firefighter Possibilities for promotion : Yes Pros & Cons : Pros - exiting
- forced to stay in shape
- work with a team Cons - extremely dangerous
- really long shifts Skills and personal qualities needed : Physically fit, ability to swim, good vision, good hearing, work well with a team Overall : One of the most physically demanding and dangerous jobs around Labour Market Influences - Firefighters will always be needed
no matter what

- The number of firefighters will always
change according to the population growth

- To adapt to this field you must be in great physical and mental shape

- You must have completed the required fire training programs My Future 25 years old- Young Firefighter
- Living away from home
- Making steady income
- Hopefully have a girlfriend
- Think about raising a family
- Playing hockey 45 years old- Experienced Firefighter
- Have a wife and kids
- Pretty wealthy
- Enjoying life
- Playing Beer league hockey 65 years old- Retired
- Kids all grown up
- Living alone with my wife
- Golfing & fishing with old friends

Justin Frehner
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