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Zoe and Dakayla

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Zoe and Dakayla

1. All sacrificed something to help America
2 All fought in a war
3. Two of them blew themselves up with a hand grenade to protect people around them.

Dakota Meyer
1. first living marine in 38 years to be so honored
2. He personally evacuated 12 friendly wounded and provided cover for another 24 Marines and soldiers to escape likely death or superior and foes
Baldomero Lopez
1.He was tossing a hand grenade when he got shot in the arm and lost the hand grenade.He pulled himself over the hand grenade and blew himself up instead of his other soldiers.
2.He was a member of the ROTC program
1.Zoe two recipients are dead and Dakayla is not
2.Dakota was young when he started and was so honored in the last 38 years
Henry Jhonson
1. He sacrificed himself by hand and hand combat to save another solider
2. Even though he was wounded he fought for his out post and his fellow soldier

Robert Dale Maxwell
1.fought in the battle of Anzio and rejoined his unit for the invasion

2. He sacrificed himself by smothering the blast of a hand grenade with his body to protect his other members
ZOE AND Dakayla
Medal of honor recipents
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