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Ozone Layer


TJ Theivendram

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Ozone Layer

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Ozone Layer About The ozone layer is a very critical part of our daily lives. The ozone layer is basically a force field made of gas that is made naturally in our atmosphere. It is located in the stratosphere above the Earth. The ozone layer is mainly effected by CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) a very harmful chemical containing carbon, hydrogen, chlorine, fluorine, and other gasses used in refrigerants and aerosol. The ozone layer has a extremely important role in everyday life and must be protected, which will be explained later in this presentation. What does it do? The ozone layer is very important. This layer in our atmosphere is very critical. It is basically a "shield" that protects any living thing from ultraviolet rays of light from our sun. Why Should I Care? How Can We Help? There are plenty of ways to help this environmental problem. Such ways include you! If you want to help make our Earth a better place follow these few suggestions below.
1-Avoid buying products that contain CFC(perfumes, aerosols, refrigerators with CFC, medicine or other drugs that have CFC, etc.)
2-Try to stop air pollution
3-Turn off AC or reduce the use of it
4-Buy products that save more energy
5-Don't litter or pollute in public
6-Use alternative transportation(Example: bikes, buses, walking
7-Reduce time spent on gadgets and other products that may harm or pollute the environment
8-Do not pollute lakes, oceans, rivers, or any body of water The Ozone Layer Environmental Problems People Factories And Chemicals Ozone Layer Breaks Process Of Ozone Function Earth Is Then Polluted In this presentation I'm going to talk about the ozone layer. Just sit back and enjoy, learn something new, or maybe try to help! Hope this helps learn more! I hope you all enjoyed this and instead of just watching other stuff try to help! Not only will the environment be better but you are also helping yourself! Good luck!!!
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