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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Alex Butland

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Physical Fitness

For Physical Fitness
Having good fitness can lead to more years on your life
and better health. 3 points of opposition to being not fit are:
1. Lifting too much weight can be hard on your joints and muscles.
2. Running too much can lead to arthritis.
3. If you work to hard you could collapse. Why physical fitness is good:
1. If you know how to lift weights you won't lift too much and hurt yourself. 2. Running is good for you, and only when people overwork themselves continuously would you see signs of arthritis. 3. Your body will tell you what your limits are and you shouldn't overwork yourself. 4. Being physically fit will improve your health and reduce the risk of certain diseases. 5. Being physically fit can improve your self confidence. 6. Partcipating in physical activities will help you make new friends. 7. Physical fitness can improve your mental health as well. 8. Physical activities will make you less stressed out. Ray Lewis A fat guy
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