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lidia Hb

No description

Alison Brink

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of lidia Hb

a leer...
el vocabulario
maquillaje- make up

¿Quisiera Ud. probar?- Would you (F) like to try

devolvió- returned (an object)

tan maquillado como un payaso- as made up as a clown

(se arregló- got ready)
conjugate in grid form
la meta
to use active vocab in context
to conjugate irregular verbs in the preterite tense
to read a short story in Spanish, using the active vocab and be able to answer comprehension questions about the reading .
to work with the last two essential questions
Hoy es lunes el nueve de marzo
Select 4 sentences from the story that use the active vocab, and translate them to English on a page to turn in
when you are finished

number your page from 1- 10 and write the missing words from the word bank on page 83 in the correct order, based on Mini-Cuento H revision

then, V or F for the sentences following the revision
Essential Questions
¿Qué le regaló tu mamá a tu hermano para su cumpleaños?
What did your mom give your brother for his birthday?
Le regaló__________________________
¿Cuándo te sales con tus amigos?
Nos salimos los ___________________
lets look at studystack...
and now for irregular verbs
please do both sides on your page to turn in
in your apuntes
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