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No description

harjas kukreja

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of wolves

What are wolves?
Where do wolves live
Live inside a
Wolves live in many spots of the world
Depending on where they live, they have a different look (colour)
People usually think of the grey wolf when thinking about wolves,those wolves live in
North America

Wolves are
Similar look to German Shepard dog breed
5-7 feet from head to tail and 2-3 feet in height
North American wolf weighs at about 100 lb.
Speed's of up to 70km/h can be ran at for up to hours due to incredible
What is the diet?
How do wolves live as a team?
Wolves are
Eat many meats like moose and beavers
Eat fruits like berry's
A wolf will always go for weak
The average grey wolf needs about 7 pounds of meat per day
Eat almost anything found
The wolves main technique is the preposterous
Wolves live in a
Members contain about 7 wolves
Travel every where as a pack
wolves hunt as a pack-numbers are their strength
male and female are leaders
Leaders are always eldest and most experienced
Other members of the pack have different positions
What are ways for wolf communication?
Wolves communicate by body posture and facial expression
They also communicate from the smelling
A wolf can tell how it feel's by the position it's tails is in
Another common way for wolves to communicate is through sound, they can howl or bark
Why is it important for a wolf to communicate?
A wolf must communicate because it can be in danger anytime
Intruding wolf packs are aggressive around other pack's
Tactics have to be made when hunting
Playing is a big part of their life
Need to mate for the next generation
Now a video
What you just saw?
Wolves out hunting
Tactic was to go behind
One wolf didn't follow tactic and risked his life-Shows that young are inexperienced
Proved how dominant the Alpha's really are
Wolves have incredible stamina
Just one wolf is very aggressive
Wolf facts
Originated about 32,000,000 years ago
Ancestors were Mesocyon
Wolves live in pack, so do lions
Wolves tend to mate for life
Japanese word for wolf means great god
Jaw has a crushing force of about 1,500 pound per square inch. with 42-teeth (large do has about 750)
Wolf pups have blue eyes at birth, turn yellow later in life
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