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Informal Spelling Inventory

No description

Colleen Boutwell

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Informal Spelling Inventory

Constructing and Administering Informal Spelling Inventory About 15 words from the 1st grade book and 20 words from each book for second through eighth grade. For students in 4th grade and below testing should begin with the first-level words. For students in fifth grade and above start with words at the third-level. Select a sample of words from
spelling books in a basal spelling
series. Divide the total number of words at each level by 20. Ex: 300 words divided by 20 equals 15, so every 15th word should be included in the ISI. Obtain a random selection
of words. The teacher says the word, uses it in a sentence, and repeats the word. Typically give a 7 second interval between words and some students may prefer just the word being given without a sentence. Dictated-word Format Testing ends when the student misspells 6 consecutive words. Ending Testing The highest level at which the student responds correctly to 90-100 percent of the items. Achievement Level By analyzing other various errors made on the ISI, it can provide additional diagnostic information. Other Errors Instructional Level The highest level at which the student scores 75-89 percent correct.
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