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Americans Indiuns Artifacts

Yenifer Socop

suyin sy

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Americans Indiuns Artifacts

Yenifer Socop
Americans Indians Artifacts
Wampum belt
Indian Nation:
North East
Whelk shell, quahog shell, hide, bast fiber yarn, and ochre.
White and Red
Lenape leaders presented this wampum belt to William Penn in the early 1680s as part of a land agreement or treaty of friendship.
The whelk shell,quahog shell,hide,bast fiber yarn,and ochre tell me that it was made in the north east region. It was a long time ago .
What do the materials tell you of the place and time it was made?
I think that the people who make it were the American Indians.
What was it use for?
I think this object was used for a land agreement or treaty of friendship
What do the markings or images on the artifact tell you about the people who made it?

i find interesting about this artifact were that the American Indians used the wampum for a land agreement or treaty of friendship.
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