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Where to find money for college!

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Mike Johnson

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of Where to find money for college!

Using all of your resources
Best (most reliable) methods of paying for college:
Savings and Work
Federal Aid (Loans and Grants)
How do most people pay for college?
Income and Savings
Work, now and during college. Research shows:
Students who work part time during college have higher grades than those who do not work at all!
Students with an income during college (i.e. work), on average have half the debt of those who do not.

Priority #1: University Scholarships
Priority #2: Local Scholarships
Priority #3: Directed Scholarship Searches
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Work Study
Where to find money for college!
Where can you find Scholarships
College Scholarships
University Websites
Local Scholarships
Other Scholarships
When can you file the FAFSA?

What information do you need to file the FAFSA?
What is the danger of student loans?

What are acceptable "Education Expenses?"

What are unacceptable "Education Expenses?"
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