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UHSU Board of Governors Presentation 2013

No description

James Bowers

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of UHSU Board of Governors Presentation 2013

Value & Diversity of our Services Quality of our Services Opportunity to do More Quality of our Services Focus on: Skills Training Focus on: Representation Focus on: Getting Students Jobs Focus on: Communications Focus on: Advice & Support Focus on: Societies & Volunteering Value & Diversity of our Services Services we offer for free: Budget £0 Raise & Give (RaG) Independent Advice & Support Employability Skills Training Volunteering Services for around £5 Budget £5 Media Societies Other Value Services we Offer: Shops Night-time Entertainment Partnership with Co-op means more, and better value products
Convenient and competitive Last year: 90 Societies Summer 2012: 30 dormant societies 'culled' Resources focused on developing the quality of remaining 60 societies Now: 90 Quality Societies (30 new) | Ukelele | Drama | Outdoor Society | African Dance | Baking | Bangladesh | | Bollywood | Film | Flair Bartending | HUSKIS | Islamic | LGBT+ | Jewish | | Motorsport | Politics | Salsa | St. John's Ambulance | Women | Last year:
772 Volunteers Summer 2012: Relations built with local organisations More 'quality' opportunities obtained Now:
1,037 Volunteers Courses modernised and variety increased to reflect the demands of both a modern-day degree & job market Last Year: 523 Students taking part in Skills Training Summer 2012: Dedicated staff member recruited Now: 984 Students taking part | Meeting Management | Communication | Presentation | Team Working |
| Time Management | Negotiation | Barriers to Creativity | Assertiveness | Last Year: 709 Reps Recruited Summer 2012: Staff Member's time freed up to focus on development of Reps New direction decided by UH and UHSU:
Less emphasis on quantity of Reps to be recruited, more emphasis on making 'quality' reps Now: 704 Quality Representatives | Reps now meet regularly with key UH departments |
| Reps now 'fit in' more clearly to UHSU's democratic processes |
| More informal Learning Spaces | Water fountains around campus |
| More student-led campaigns | Last 4 years: 8 'motions' submitted to Student Council 2011/12: Vice President led research into engagement with Student Council and the accountability of Elected Officers New Council system developed, breaking down barriers to engagement 2013: 171 'ideas' submitted to Student Council Last Year: 'introvert' Advice Service Focused more on casework, with a minority of students Summer 2012: New campaigns prepared for 2012/13 Academic Year Now: maintained casework, with more seasonal campaigns aimed at the masses | Alcohol Awareness | Controlling Your Spending |
| Sexual Health | Revision Tips | Beating Exam Stress | Almost £750,000 earned by students through our Job Centre Around £750,000 earned every year by students who work in our venues Where appropriate, we recruit graduates into full-time roles within the Students' Union Recruitment of Student Staff to specialise in our Social Media presence Fantastic year for Student Media - highlights included raising over £2,000 for our 76-hour radio show world record attempt, 'Comic Insomnia' VP working with UH departments to help with student comms What the Students Say Our Range of Expertise Charity Sector Retail Licensed Trade University Student Politics Higher Education Accounting & Finance Youth Welfare Representation Music Industry Human Resources Job Market Housing Sector Union Policy Commercial Trade Legal UPRs Elections Local Politics 54 Professional Staff Voluntary Sector Working with Young People Marketing IT Facilities Opportunity to Do More Representation Communications Student Activities 1 member of staff currently supporting over 700 Reps Researcher/Policy Adviser IT Facilities Outsourcing our Web Presence Department working capacity limits further growth Investors in Volunteers Seeking funding for Active Students to continue (Avg.) “The University of Hertfordshire is a great place to study where you can meet lots of new people who will be lifelong friends. The University provides a lot of support to students, and there are many different clubs/societies to get involved with” “The university has some incredible facilities such as the 24 hour libraries, elehouse, the forum, sports village and on site medical centre, a good night life and provides lots of opportunities to make new friends” "The new (2010) Student Union (bar, club & cafeteria) are great new facilities" "Good social opportunities and many societies to join from. Course compiled of friendly and reliable staff." "Cost effective, decent facilities and people who care about students and their issues." "Some relevant and helpful opportunities to further employability and to give extra to you. Also there is lots of support and advice for help outside your course."
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