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Deafening Project

No description

Annika Olsen

on 21 December 2016

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Transcript of Deafening Project

Deafening Project
Crockery Bag (O'Shaughnessy Trunk)
- made by Grandfather O'Shaughnessy
- Mamo stored up broken dishes in it
- Mamo would take Grania to smack the dishes on rocks by the
lake "when things get bad"
- "Mamo and I threw them before I left for school in the fall and
when I came home every June. Other times too" (374, Itani).
- Symbolizes:
-dishes = the brokenness/pain in Mamo and Grania's lives
-bag = the past, what they are still holding on to
-smashing the dishes = getting past their issues, taking out their frustrations
Rope - Thomas Graham-Binkowski
Rope was used in a few ways to connect
Grania to the world of sound and voice,
something that she didn't originally know.
Rope is often used to connect Grania with the sound world.
She used to tie it around her and her sisters so she could pull on it when she was scared, and to tell when there were different sounds, in her black silence.
Sound and Silence
Being deaf does not mean you are confined to the parameters of sound but are simply given a different map to life.
Kenan and Tress
Tress Protecting her
Making Grania feel safe at night when she was scared of the dark
Being patient with her and helping her through her disability
Kenan being her "bully"
Grania called him her bully because he protected her from the other children who would bully her
They finally got Grania to cry
Grania showing Tress the Crockery Bag allowed Grania to finally cry
This helped Tress and Kenan's relationship because it allowed Tress to get out her frustrations

Their importance
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