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Generic Conventions in Pop music videos

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Benjamin Mcstay

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of Generic Conventions in Pop music videos

Generic Conventions in Pop music videos
The genre of music I shall be analyzing will be pop. As
it is the most common genre of music i listen too and enjoy. All different genre of music videos have different conventions and characteristics.
Artists and performers
In most pop music the artists are girls, however with the exception of a few male artists or boy bands. Where the artists are considered to be good looking from a male and female point of view. The performers all depend on whether it is a female or male artist. If it is female it will be a mix of males and females, if the artist is male than the performers are stereotypically female. Another factor that will affect who the performers are is the type of music video it is such as performance based, narrative based or concept video.
This a video of 'Dark Horse' by Katy Katy Perry. This video consists of Performance because through out the song Katy is singing , whilst integrated is a Narrative of the story she is trying to tell. With a mix of both males and females performing.
6/10 are females and 4/10 are males. This data
from the most talked about artists.
This a video of '22' by Taylor swift. The video consists of males and females, with a mainly dominant female presence. The type of video this is, is both Narrative as it is a video that relates to Taylor being 22 and her Birthday party, with Performance where Taylor is singing.
This is a One Direction video 'What Makes You Beautiful'. The video contains mainly males but towards the middle some females. It is a mainly Performance based video with a little Narrative when the females appear in the video.
Mise en scene
Richard Dyer's Theory, used on the very popular pop star Rihanna, she use to be a un-known singer and within a few years has been flipped around to become one of the most well known pop stars, because she has been re modeled. Below is an image of her at the start of her career and one that is recent.
It is the visual images and symbols within a music video that is the make up of that genre of music. For pop the main ones are choreography (dance routines), close up shots of the singer and members of the band, exotic locations such as Ibiza, LA, New York. Another big iconography is the idea of creating and modeling an artist to suit the role needed, creating a whole new person (Richard Dyer's Theory).
In the majority pop videos, there consists of at least one form of dance routine in it, such as Ariana Grande 'Problem' the whole video consists of a performance.
The costume of an artist really depends on the artist
or the performer themselves. However the common trend is to wear clothes of the moment, with vibrant colors or something a little odd=(such as the clothes that Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson AKA The King of Pop use to wear). Fashion and designer clothing is important for pop stars to promote their image.
Here is Michael Jackson the King of Pop wearing very vibrant and sparkling clothes, that make him stand out and make him unique. The clothes define him as an artist and express how he feels. In over videos of him such as 'Thriller' even the other performers wear similar clothes to him.
This artist Nicki Minaj well known for her extravagance, whether it be
her clothing, make up... As a well known Pop star Nicki wears very vibrant clothes that make her stand out, and represent her very bubbly personality.
Justin Timberlake a well known artist who is forever well dressed, wearing suits and jackets. Justin is a very well presented artist who defines himself through expensive suits and clothing and by always trying to look his best and stand out by being well dressed.
The prop of a pop song all depends of the lyrics and the artist, such as songs that Rihanna tend to have drugs and alcohol as part of one of the props as it symbolizes her problems and links into the the lyrics. Other props consist of the instruments of the band and the artist. Such as Taylor Swift in the following picture. The props of a music video can never be defined as a specific type. However a common prop is cars with fast racing and cruising.
The lighting within any performance from a pop artist will be near enough always the same, whether that be male or female. With high key natural and un-natural lighting. The reason for this is to present a positive vibe and feel about an artist, to therefore encourage audiences to buy the music. The high key lighting is always balanced out with a small amount of low key lighting.Such as in the video for 'Burn' By Ellie Goulding.
This is the video for 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding, as seen in this video a lot of high key lighting that is balanced out with low key lighting on the run way.
Mr probs 'Waves' is a very good example of lot's of high key lighting that is balanced out with the low key lighting of the party and the fire scene.
Sam Smith with 'Stay With ME' through out the hole video only high key lighting is used to over emphasize the importance of the artist.
The make up of an artist as a general stereotype can not be defined as a clear cut. Because it all depends on the artist themselves. For the males no visible make up is used. However for the female artists the make up is used for making them look more attractive, to in hance their beauty. For an artist such as a Lady Gaga the make up is used to over exaggerate her strong character and to make her stand out. However for an artist such as Tulisa contostavlos who is just chear beauty, it is to make them look even more beautiful.

The setting of a music video especially in pop will be somewhere famous with possibly a bit of a party ambiance location. Such as Las Vegas, California and New York. Or just popular locations in general such as Paris and London. Such as in the following video 'Slow Down' by Selena Gomez, filmed in Paris at night.
Or Flo Rida 'Whistle' filmed in Florida.
For some pop videos they are filmed rugged and dodgy area, such as the music video to Rudimental 'Feel the Love'
Adele 'Rolling in the deep' linear narrative

Taylor Swift 'Red' non linear narrative

I keep going to the river to pray
'Cos I need something that can wash out the pain
And at most
I'm sleeping all these demons away
But your ghost, the ghost of you
It keeps me awake

My friends had you figured out
Yeah they saw what's inside of you
You tried hiding another you
But your evil was coming through

These eyes sitting on the wall
They watch every move I make
Bright light living in the shade
Your cold heart makes my spirit shake

I had to go through hell to prove I'm not insane
Had to meet the devil just to know his name

And that's when my love was burning
Yeah it's still burning

I keep going to the river to pray
'Cos I need something that can wash out the pain
And at most
I'm sleeping all these demons away
But your ghost, the ghost of you
It keeps me awake
They are re-occruing events or themes, such as in a pop video the dance routine or choreography... themes all link into the mise en scene.
Pop music videos both contain linear and non-linear narratives, it depends on the artist, such a Taylor Swift 'Red' which doesn't follow a linear narrative, however Adele 'Rolling in the deep follows a linear narrative. Most music videos follow the Todoroc Curve:
1. Equilibrium 2. disruption 3.Recognize 4.Repair 1. New Equilibium

Equilibrium and repair
Ella Henderson 'Ghost'
The editing of a music video can vary from video to video especially with pop as it is a very varied and vast music genre. The pace of a music video such as Ariana Grande 'Problem' is medium paced and a bit faced paced too, where as 'Jar of Hearts' bye Christina Perri is relatively slow paced in the majority of the video. Some music videos such as Katy Perry 'Then one that got away' use editing videos to make the artist different such as Katy looking older.
Ariana Grande
Katy Perry
Christina Perry
The most common camera shot in pop music videos is the close up of the main artist. And long shots showing the full performance such as the choreography or the bad performing. POV shots are also very common within pop videos such as Dukedumont 'I got you'. It is a very effective camera shot that puts the audience into the artists shoes.
Rihanna in the pop video 'What Now'
'A sky full of stars' Coldplay
Dukedumont 'I got you'
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