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on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Spain

The Basics
La Bandera
Espana utiliza el euro para dinero
-Spanish, or Castillian
-Basque, or Euskara
By: Megan Ruff
Period 1

La Mapa
Made in 1981
-3 horizontal stripes: 1 yellow and 3 red
-Spanish Coat of Arms: a shield surrounded by the pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar and Cueta), emvlem of the Spanish royal family (House of Bourbon)
-Pomegranate for Grenada
-Red scroll that reads "Plus Ultra" ("There is more beyond).
Cuando se fundo Espana
Es Spain Independente?
(always has been....)
(As of 1/1/14)
En Espana, los residentes escuchen a flamenco, "pop" y Basque Musica.
What is the ethnicity of Spain?
Personas de Espana son "Spaniards" o "Hispanic".
Personas de Espana comen Gazpacho
Espana esta en Europa
Fun Facts
Instead of a "Tooth Fairy", they they have a "Tooth Mouse" names ‘Ratoncito Perez’.
Its first name was "Iberia" (meaning "Land of the Rivers")
Spain is still a monarchy
71% of Spain's population is Catholic
They hold an event called "The Running of the Bulls" where they release bulls through the streets and run ahead of them.
Produces bananas
Spaniards typically have more cars then cell phones.
The name "Spain" comes from "Ispania", which means "Land of the Rabbits"
Did not take place in WWI or WWII
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