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Eurovision Song Contest 2014

No description

Eileen Guinan

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Eurovision Song Contest 2014

While Infamous for its strong entertainment objective, is the Eurovision Song Contest also
a political Phenomenon?

Presentation Outline

History of the Eurovison Song Contest (ESC)
European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Voting Patterns in the Eurovision
Eastern -V- Western Bloc?
Eurovision 2014
Crimean Crisis; Russia and Ukraine
LGBT rights and Europe
History of The ESC
World War Two
Switzerland 1956
Sanremo Music Festival
End of cold war/ EU accession
European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Voting Blocs
Do they exist and are they political?

Oxford University Study
Voting patterns
Dynamical networks
ESC -v- random contest
Rescaled distance correlation

Backed up by recent data
Balkan Bloc
Warsaw Pact
Voting Blocs-Migration
Emigration trends Turkey
Jury-Televote split 2014
Crimean Crisis
Euromaidan Protests 2013
Demand for EU integration
Violence followed
Russian troops sent to Crimea
Can the Eurovision give insight?
2014- 4 points
2005- 4 points
Public -V-Jury
Russian lyrics
LGBT and Russia
Fenn et al, How does Europe make up its mind, Connections, Cliques, and Compatibility between countries in the Eurovision Song Contest, Oxford Journal of Physics, February 2008
Eurovision official website (Eurovision.tv)
Crimean photos found at aureliencohen.com
Lipkis, Sarah, eurovision: How politics takes centre stage, world policy, May 2014
Tierney, Dominic, The crazy politics of the Eurovision Song Contest, The Atlantic, May 2014
Adrian Kavanagh, Predicting Eurovision 2011
Ginsburgh, Victor, Is voting at the Eurovision Song Contest Political or Cultural, Ecares, 2006
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