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Some information about previous and present UFO sightings.

Laura Price

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of UFOs

Unidentified Flying Object Classifications Sightings UFO once started as an Air Force term but gradually became
the flying saucer and alien spacecraft of today. NL (nocturnal light): simple visual sighting of an unidentified flying light at night
ND (nocturnal disc): simple visual sighting of an unidentified structured light source at night
DD (daylight disc): simple visual sighting of a UFO with distinct shape during the day
Radar: UFOs detected by radar alone Its history, perhaps, begins in 1947 in Mount Rainier, WA. On June 24 an Idaho pilot Kenneth Arnold spotted a formation of 9 silvery crescent-shaped objects flying in tight formation. He estimated their size to be 40-50 ft wide and speed to be 1200 mph. Saucer Summer of 1952 was when UFO sightings began to pile up in the DC area. Reports came in from airline and military pilots. The Air Force attributed this radar activity to “temperature inversions” but local meteorologists said no way. December 9, 1965: A fireball was witnessed traveling south from Canada to Michigan, Ohio, and PA producing a sonic boom. Supposedly, a 10 ft tall acorn-shaped object with strange hieroglyphic-like symbols crashed into a wooded ravine outside of Kecksburg, PA. If it were a Soviet satellite, the US would have had to sign an international treaty to return it, but a request was never made.
*Nothing was ever found in the ravine.
January of 1994 in Paris, an airborne crew saw a gigantic disk more than 3000 ft in diameter. It was detected on military radar for 50 seconds, slowed abruptly from 100 knots to 0 and then was gone. February 27, 1996: Pilot of a commuter plane in Cleveland reported a pulsing ball of light ahead of his aircraft and had to descend a couple thousand ft to avoid it. Another pilot described it as a “Frisbee type thing” with a “rotating light going around it”. More recently-
March 31, 2010: In Eastland County, Texas a man was driving home at 8:30 pm when the appearance of white lights caught his attention. They seemed to be stationary and in a wedge-shaped formation. A couple seconds later the lights disappeared and then a short flash of white light travelled upwards at an angle.
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