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Hero Project: Diana,Princess Of Wales

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Jas Cheema

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Hero Project: Diana,Princess Of Wales

Hero Project: Diana,Princess Of Wales
Diana,Priness Of Wales is an iconic hero and always will be for her amazing humanitarian work. She was a strong supporter of charities helping in HIV and AIDS,the homeless,leprosy and children in need. She was a strong activist against the destruction caused and lives lost in land mines.She was noble,kind and caring. She only thought of giving to others until her last dying breath.She was adored by everyone across the glovbe for her love and charm.Eevn after she was no longer apart of the British Royal family,the Princess was loved dearly by everyone in Britain and around the world.
Early Life & Spark
The Princess was born into Royalty as she was married into it aswell. The Princess was born on July 1st,1961 near Sandringham, England.Her father was the Earl Of Spencer and her mohter was Frances Ruth Burke,Viscountess Of Althorp.Diana was a shy child,but she had a strong interest in music and art.Growing up,she had many interations with the British Royal family.I believ Diana never had a start to her heroism.She had always been very caring and considerate towards people.When she became Princess Of Wales,she deided to drive her fame and power toward helping people in need.
Most of the obstacles Diana had in her life were personal.The Princess suffered from bulimia, a deadly eating disorder.During and after the divorce from Charles,Prince Of Wales,Diana also faced problems with society,when many people had lost respect towards her because she was not considered real Royalty anymore, no matter all her good deeds. In this time however,Diana made her sons her top priority, raising them to be hospitile and considerate to people.They were raised like any other children.The Princess also stood with many charities within this time.She was an active meber in the HALO Trust,a group that was strongly against landmines and the destruction caused. Diana also changed people's view towards patients with HIV and AIDS.She also assisted with leprosy and the homeless.Diana overcame her obstacles by being her caring self.She helped others and made the media look at her as a human being and not a Royal.
Death & Legacy
To the sadness of everyone’s hearts, all around the globe, Diana,Princess of Wales passed away on August 31st 1997, in a tragic car accident in Paris, France. Diana was in a relationship with Mr. Dodi Al-Fayed at the time,when the two of them were in a car with their driver Henri Paul. Henri was said to be under the influence of alcohol,when the car was trying to escape paparazzi and spun violently in to the stone wall of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. The Princess did have a pulse at the scene at around 1:00 am, but the she was pronounced dead at 4:00 am later than morning. Her internal injuries were much to severe and doctors said that if she had been wearing a seatbelt, the Princess could have been saved.Many conspiracy theories have been spun ever since. Many say that the accident was organized by MI6, under the Queen’s orders.Others are that Henri Paul had been under the pay of national security service. There has also been much controversy on why the Princess was embalmed so quickly, and if it was to cover up that she could've been potentially pregnant.
In conclusion, Princess Diana was and is an iconic hero,whose dedication to people will never be forgotten. Her legacy shall live on. She was a true hero who helped others and chose not to be the typical Royal. She decided to use her game and power to help other and bring awareness to different diseases and conflicts around the globe. She embraced people and truly loved them for who they were. Diana contributed to society like no other and her death was one of the most shocking in all of Britain. Lest we forget the beautiful and amazing woman who made an enormous on the world and our hearts.
News of her sudden death shocked the world and thousands came to pay her tributes and came to the funeral held in Westminster Abbey. Today, her sons Prince William and Prince Harry tare actively involved with charities that their mother was involved in and they're involved with the Diana, Princess Of Wales Memorial Fund, an organization that gives to numerous organization and supports initiatives that give care to the sick in Africa,helping refugees and stopping the use of landmines. The world lost a beautiful person and the Princess will always be in our hearts for her kind heart and how giving of a person she was. Even her daughter in law, Kate Middleton (Catherine,Duchess Of Cambridge)is involved with numerous charities. William also chose to remember the Princess by naming their daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana born on May 2nd 2015. Hopefully, the coming generations of the Royal family and people around the globe will remember Diana and know in their hearts to commit good deeds in hopes for nothing back knowing that one day someone will do the same for you.
Death & Legacy Cont.
By Jas Mehar
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