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Book Project

Shane Allder

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Wonder

Book Project
By: Shane Allder
This book is an extraordinary
book that will change the way
you think about people. There are exceptional events that happen and atrocious events that happen that will make you want to never put the book down.
Main Idea:
This book is about the life of August [Auggie] and the obstacles he faces. As you know , August was born with a facial deformation and has had 27 surgeries since he was born, and everyone is not to nice to him. He is now starting the 5th grade and he is really shaken up. So how well will this year go?
The main characters of this book are August, Jack Will, Julian, Summer, and Olivia. I will explain why these entertaining and unrefined characters are so valuable to the story.
Jack Will
This is just a small video to give you more of an idea of what the book is about.
The main character, August, is an ordinary boy and surprisingly sophisticated. But that's not what everybody else sees in him, not even his family. Everybody else thinks he is mental and can't do anything. Every time he walks down the street people stare at him, not to be loutish, but because of what he looks like. Sometimes people will even scream when they see him. That happens so often that he is actually used to it. Now he is starting the 5th grade and is really scared. He knows no one and is lonely and nobody will go near him.
Jack Will was called to be friends with August by the dean at the beginning at the school year. Jack wasn't to sure about this but when he got there he saw that August wasn't too bad. August started hanging out with Jack a lot because they had almost all of there classes together. But August,on Halloween, caught something Jack said that he didn't mean and he didn't know that August heard him. That creates a separation between them. So, will they get back together or will they stay apart.
Julian is a jerk!!!!! He was also one of the ones to be called to be friends with August. But he was very rude to August which even caused Jack to get in a fight with Jack. That started a war and people had sides and most of them were on Julian's side be cause he was popular. That's when he started being a real bully! He would stuff pencil shavings in his backpack and stuff like that.
Summer was probably the nicest one in this book. On the first day Summer's table was making jokes and laughing at August so Summer went an sat over by August and stayed there for the rest of the year. They got be really good friends and understood each other. There is a lot to say about her but you can read about that.
Olivia is August's sister and she loved him very much. She always was like his bodyguard and when people laughed at him she got really mad! She was always very caring had a good time with August. There is a lot to say about her and can't fit it in this slide. So you can read about that too.
This book is an extraordinary book and I recommend it completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read this book, it will be one of the best books you've ever read! This book really is a wonder!
"Everyone deserves a standing ovation
sometime in there life because we all
overcometh the world. -- Auggie"
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